How to Serve Up Health with Chocolate

Sweets for your sweethearts can come with the gift of health. Thanks to the heart protecting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonoids that are abundant in dark chocolate and cacao powder, along with some other secret ingredients, you can serve up health in one of the following treats — and no one will be the wiser — [...]

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How to Snack the Right Way + 5 Healthy Snacks

It’s 3 o’clock and despite your best intentions to eat healthy today, the bowl of candy in the mailroom is calling. I’ve been there. Or maybe you think you’re choosing a “healthy” mid-morning snack by noshing on a protein bar—I know a lot of women do—but most aren’t as healthy as you might think—many are [...]

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The Holiday De-Bloat Smoothie

Everyone is guilty of overdoing it during the holiday season. Trust me, we have all been there—it’s the dreaded discomfort that accompanies the common, but unpleasant belly bloat. The day after I indulge from a party or family gathering, I always have my fridge stocked with these simple ingredients! That way, I can quickly rehydrate [...]

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