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Are You
Struggling With…

- Fatigue
- Weight gain
- Poor Sleep
- Anxiety/ Depression
- Brain Fog

Or More? 

This community has answers.

The Superwoman Circle

A World Class Coaching Platform that includes:

- Your Holistic Health Tool Box
- Innovative Functional and Integrative medicine strategies
- The Best of Eastern and Western Medicine
- A community that cares…

Led by Dr. Taz

All wrapped up together to feel our best.

The Superwoman CircleIncludes:

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A with Dr. Taz along with ongoing discussion on community platform
  • A Community of Women Just like YOU, to share stories, resources, and information on a private Facebook Group.
  • A SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM to monitor your hormones and bodies on a daily and weekly basis.
  • The SuperWoman Workbook to guide you on a journey of self discovery.
  • Regular updates and access to the Dr. Taz CONTENT HUB with research, recipes, new guides, beauty hacks and additional resources.
  • EXCLUSIVE INVITATIONS and priority reservations to upcoming retreats and gatherings, reserved only for members of the Superwoman Circle.
  • 20% DISCOUNTS on all EastWest formulas, Doctor Taz wellness boxes and courses- the deepest discount ever on all courses.

This Month

Featured Guest: Jess Brown (The Glute Recruit)

Featured Webinar:  Perimenopause, Detox, & How to Build Muscle

7 Major Hormones
Every Woman 
Should Know: 

Why? Because my Goal is to help you understand YOU and keep you on track. I am here to help you identify your needs and keep you motivated - regardless of your health goals.

The Superwoman Circle

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$99 A Year

You Hold

the capability to proactively propel your goals forward. You are not limited to seeking answers solely from self-help books. You can PULL YOURSELF out of your struggles, and into something greater. Why? Because...

You Are A

Ready For A Sneak Peek?

Here are a few of the topics we explore:

And So Much More...

The Superwoman Circle is your roadmap, but there are no quick fixes, simple how-to guides, or guaranteed results.

Being a modern-day superwoman means having drive, authenticity, and trust in your inner wisdom. Most of all, it requires consistency with your actions and the patience to see the bigger picture.

This unique community will become what you choose to make of it. You’re the only one who has the power to embrace the opportunity, or keep the figurative tab open on your browser while these tools gather dust.

Like many others before you, you realize that over-simplified,10-step self-help programs aren’t moving you forward, and you want to understand your emotions, behaviors, and biological blocks that are at the root of your purpose and passion.

Dr. Taz

Dr. Taz is board-certified in Integrative Medicine, licensed acupuncturist, certified nutrition specialist, and founder and CEO of integrative medicine clinic, CentreSpringMD in Atlanta. Faced with personal health challenges as a medical resident in her twenties (and a health care system that didn’t make her feel better), Dr. Taz began adding Eastern medical wisdom to her methodology. What she found was a wealth of information not yet taught in conventional medical schools. These systems of medicine include Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. These philosophies are showcased in her best-selling books, Super Woman Rx, The 21 Day Belly Fix and What Doctor’s Eat.

Passionate to share this new knowledge, she opened CentreSpring MD, a nationally recognized medical and wellness practice focused on health transformation. Dr. Taz and her team prescribe personalized lifestyle, diet, exercise, self-care, and relationship strategies to help women uncover their own “superpowers” using integrative, functional, Chinese and holistic medicine. “Healthy and empowered women create strong children and whole families and health is your biology, your chemistry, your will and your spirit. There is no other healthy.” – Dr. Taz


The Superwoman Circle

When you join, you’ll find the supportive space and community you need to hold you accountable in making yourself a priority. This is where your goals manifest into reality.

This is an investment in 12 months of growth, support, healing, and lifelong connection.

For your convenience, we offer an annual plan (with an additional discount) or a monthly plan, divided into 12 parts. You can cancel at any time.

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Dr. Taz Bhatia M.D.