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EP 333 – Dr. Taz’s Take: Weight Loss Hacks versus Weight Loss Trends

The 2023 weight loss trends are going in all different directions! We’ve got meal replacement shakes, supplements, medications, and more. But what these weight loss trends fail to acknowledge is [...]

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EP 332 – Dr. Taz’s Take: Brain Fog 101 and Diet & Supplements That Help

If you’re wondering, “Why do I have brain fog?” you’ve come to the right place. The source of your brain fog can vary drastically, including inflammation, infection, hormones, and more. [...]

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EP 331 – Dr. Taz’s Take: 7 Hormones Every Woman Should Know About

Us women today often have multiple roles and are exhausted by the process of caring and nurturing others while also trying to play out our dreams, desires and ambitions in [...]

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EP 330 – Dr. Taz Clears Up Protein Confusion

With all the different nutrition information circulating across various platforms, it can be very confusing and overwhelming for most of us. What should I eat to increase my muscle mass? [...]

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EP 329 – Why Joy is the Exact Opposite of Toxic Positivity with Tanmeet Sethi

In this episode, Dr. Taz is joined by Tanmeet Sethi, MD, to explore the space of joy and how it can be an act of resistance or your internal revolution [...]

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EP 328 – Thinning Hair & Women: Reasons Why & What Can Help (Hint: The answer is NOT Rogaine)

Losing a few strands of hair can be normal, but despite being a common experience, hair thinning and hair loss can be very alarming and distressing. For many women, hair [...]

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