E377 Why Does My Period Hurt So Much? How To Stop Period Pain & Treat Endometriosis Holistically

"I advocate for early intervention to prevent the progression of endometriosis, which could potentially eliminate the need for surgical solutions.
- Dr. Taz

In today’s episode of Super Woman Wellness, I delve into the intricate world of endometriosis, a condition often sidelined in women’s health. Discover the holistic approach to tackling endometriosis, blending the best of Eastern and Western medicine. We delve into what endometriosis is, its symptoms, and why it’s often a missed diagnosis.

We explore innovative diagnostics, the significance of inflammation markers, and the pivotal role of gut health. Learn about the Eastern perspectives on treatment—from Ayurvedic principles to Chinese medicine interventions—and how they complement conventional strategies.

This comprehensive guide offers hope, insight, and actionable strategies to manage endometriosis holistically. Join us on a journey to reclaim your health, understanding, and well-being.

Today on Super Woman Wellness:

  • Understanding Endometriosis: I explain what endometriosis is, emphasizing that it is frequently overlooked in initial diagnoses. This condition involves the abnormal growth of the uterine lining, which causes severe pain and impacts other organs.
  • Holistic Approach: My video outlines a comprehensive treatment plan that integrates both Eastern and Western medical traditions, including Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Diagnostic Challenges: Diagnosing endometriosis can be difficult. While traditional methods include manual exams and laparoscopy, I also recommend pelvic ultrasounds and specific blood tests to enhance diagnostic accuracy.
  • Symptoms and Effects: The symptoms of endometriosis include painful periods, discomfort during bowel movements, and in severe cases, may necessitate emergency medical attention. It is also associated with fertility challenges.
  • Treatment Strategies: My treatment strategy focuses on dietary adjustments, improving gut health, and reducing inflammation. I suggest specific exercises and supplements to better manage the condition.
  • Preventative Measures: I advocate for early intervention to prevent the progression of endometriosis, which could potentially eliminate the need for surgical solutions.
  • Continuous Education: I stress the importance of staying educated about personal health and the latest research to holistically manage endometriosis.

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Diagnosing endometriosis becomes incredibly difficult; there's not a study that can show it to you clearly.
- Dr. Taz

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