EP 371 – The Healing Power You Didn’t Know You Had: Unlocking Your Mind’s Healing Power with Brandy Gilmore

When we really stop and think about the placebo, there are a lot of factors. For example, people tend to get better results when there's a doctor-patient relationship.
- Brandy Gillmore

In this eye-opening episode of Super Woman Wellness, Dr. Taz welcomes Brandy Gilmore, a globally recognized mind-body healing expert, for an in-depth discussion on the transformative power of the mind in healing and recovery. After enduring a debilitating injury that left her in excruciating pain and reliant on a wheelchair, Brandy embarked on a journey to heal herself, discovering profound insights into how the mind can activate radical healing within the body. Through her story, we explore the often-underestimated impact of emotions, beliefs, and the doctor-patient relationship on physical health. Brandy shares her revolutionary approach to tapping into the subconscious mind to foster healing, delving into the science behind the placebo effect, the significance of optimism in recovery, and the interplay between physical and emotional well-being. This episode is a testament to the untapped potential within us all to overcome adversity and transform our health using the power of our minds.

Today on Superwoman Wellness:

  • Brandy’s transformational journey from chronic pain to complete healing using the power of her mind.
  • Exploring the placebo effect’s fascinating dynamics and its implications for self-healing.
  • The underestimated impact of the doctor-patient relationship and emotions on our health.
  • Practical steps for tapping into the subconscious mind to unlock healing potentials.
  • The role of optimism in recovery and its scientifically proven benefits for physical health.

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Optimism can speed up healing... studies have shown over and over again that optimism can speed up cellular proliferation. So even if we look at post-operative studies, so anybody after surgery, they've taken studies of people after surgery who are optimistic. Recovery times are much better.
- Brandy Gillmore

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