EP 368 – Beat Anxiety for Good: Daily Habits That Change Lives with Dr. Kirren Schnack 

Acceptance of it being anxiety frees you to be able to manage that as an anxiety problem instead of something else.
- Dr. Kirren Schnack

In this episode of Superwoman Wellness, Dr. Taz is thrilled to host Dr. Kirren Schnack, a clinical psychologist with a profound dedication to advancing mental health, especially anxiety management. Dr Kirren is a Clinical Psychologist trained at the University of Oxford. She has been working as a psychologist for more than 20 years now, with people from all walks of life who have been struggling with complex psychological difficulties, often for many years. Over two years ago, I started sharing my expertise online, on TikTok, then Instagram. Her online presence has provided people with a valuable resource to support their mental health. In her book TEN TIMES CALMER, her mission is to help those struggling with anxiety problems, by providing a practical toolkit filled with actionable strategies for managing everyday stressors, and overcoming anxiety problems.

Today on Superwoman Wellness:

  • Unraveling Anxiety: Delving into its roots and the unique concept of “flash forwards” that forecast future fears.
  • Dr. Kirren’s evolution from a clinical psychologist to an online mental health influencer and author.
  • The critical role of practical, actionable strategies in managing daily stressors and mitigating anxiety.
  • Insights into the rising tide of anxiety, especially post-pandemic, and its disproportionate impact on women.
  • Empowering listeners with effective techniques to beat anxiety and foster a tranquil mind.

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There is a life after anxiety, people can and do get better! The greatest thing to witness is people make these transformations and get back to normal.
- Dr. Kirren Schnack

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