EP 364 – Unlocking Longevity with Dr. Erika Schwartz’s Pioneering Approach

"We sit, we pull the chair close to the patient - and say, I am here to be your advocate, I am here to be your ally."
- Dr. Taz
 In this inspiring episode of Super Woman Wellness, Dr. Taz is honored to welcome Dr. Erika Schwartz, renowned expert in the fields of longevity medicine and hormone replacement therapy. With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Dr. Schwartz is the founder of Evolve Science and a trailblazer in integrating holistic treatment approaches with traditional medicine. Their conversation today delves into the transformative power of understanding and treating the body as a whole, with a special focus on the pivotal role hormones play in our overall well-being.

Today on Super Woman Wellness:
Exploring the groundbreaking realm of longevity medicine and its implications for holistic health.
The critical importance of hormone balance in maintaining optimal health and preventing disease.
Insightful discussion on the evolution of hormone replacement therapy and its growing recognition in medical science.
Challenging the conventional medical narratives and advocating for a more patient-centered approach to healthcare.
Empowering listeners with knowledge and strategies to become proactive advocates for their own health.

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"You can't be scared of the doctor and you have to feel the pride of honor ship because it is your body."
- Dr. Erika Shwartz

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