EP 361 – Sustainable Weight Loss Strategies for the New Year

When either leptin or ghrelin is imbalanced, it disrupts the rhythmic hunger-feeding cycle.
- Dr. Taz

In this episode, Dr. Taz focuses on sustainable weight loss strategies for the New Year. She critically evaluates common weight loss medications and their effects on gut health. She highlights how an imbalance can affect hunger and fullness, and emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s hormonal profile, particularly leptin levels, as a key to successful weight loss planning.

Today on Super Woman Wellness: 

  • Setting realistic health and weight loss goals for the New Year
  • Challenges in adhering to weight loss plans beyond initial motivation
  • The impact of weight loss medications on gut health
  • Role of leptin in weight management and hunger cycle regulation

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Both low and high leptin levels trigger forms of leptin resistance, contributing to weight retention.
- Dr. Taz

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