EP 360 – How to Calm Your Mind with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Exercise is extremely important; it helps burn off excess energy and angst while boosting our endorphins.
- Dr. Uma Naidoo

In this episode, Dr. Taz is joined by Dr. Uma Naidoo, a renowned nutritional psychiatrist. Dr. Naidoo shares her unique approach that combines culinary skills and psychiatric expertise to tackle anxiety through diet. She emphasizes the role of whole foods, hydration, and mindful eating in mental health, particularly in adolescents. Tune in for valuable insights into managing anxiety holistically through dietary choices.

Today on Super Woman Wellness: 

  • Nutritional psychiatry: combining food, medicine, and mental health management
  • The prevalence of anxiety and its impact during and post-pandemic
  • The importance of whole foods, hydration, and mindful eating
  • Anti-anxiety recipes and meal guidelines for mental wellness
  • Integrating nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness in mental health care

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Sugar has a direct impact on the brain, affecting neurons as evidenced by scans, and significantly influences anxiety and mood.
- Dr. Uma Naidoo

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