375 Candida Overgrowth: Symptoms & Solutions Explained

The link between candida, the gut microbiome, and inflammation is one that I think each and every one of us need to know today because it is an epidemic.
- Dr. Taz

 In today’s episode of Super Woman Wellness, Dr. Taz takes on the pervasive and often misunderstood issue of candida overgrowth, exploring its extensive impact on health across all ages and genders. With her distinctive blend of Eastern and Western medical insights, Dr. Taz elucidates how this common yeast condition extends far beyond typical yeast infections, influencing everything from gut health to systemic inflammation.

Today on Super Woman Wellness:

  • Candida Epidemic Unveiled: An in-depth look at why candida overgrowth is more than just an occasional nuisance and how it’s becoming a serious epidemic.
  • Symptoms Across the Board: Discover the surprising variety of symptoms that candida can cause, from bloating and brain fog to anxiety and fatigue.
  • Dietary Defense: How the foods you eat can either contribute to or control candida overgrowth, with practical tips for adjusting your diet to support gut health.
  • Probiotics and Gut Balance: The critical role of fermented foods and probiotics in managing candida and maintaining a healthy microbiome.
  • Natural Solutions: Effective natural remedies and supplements that help fight candida, including garlic, oregano oil, and berberine.
  • Personal Health Mastery: Step-by-step advice for crafting a personalized plan to combat candida, leveraging diet modifications and lifestyle changes.
One of the biggest issues with candida is not only in how it's disrupting the microbiome, how it leads to all these different symptoms and conditions, but it's at the root of spiking insulin, spiking dirty hormones.
- Dr. Taz

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