The Back-2-School Guide for Parents

It’s that time again — the yearly ritual of prepping our kids to go back to school. The lazy days of summer are giving way to bustling mornings, panicked breakfasts and the tracking of lost homework, uniforms, balls and more.

Every August, I try to mentally prepare myself for my children’s return to school and every year, parents ask me for help with prepping their children. We all get lots of back to school information — reading lists, supply lists and names of new classmates — but I realized that most parents don’t get a guide to help them prep for the weeks leading into school. Here are my top back to school tips this year.

Sleeping Your Way Back to School

If your kids are like mine, summer meant sleeping late and waking up later, both of which are no longer options in a busy school year. This week — assuming your children have not already started school, work on moving bedtimes up — most school-age children need 10 hours of sleep, including adolescents.

For the 10 days prior to school starting, work on shifting bedtimes by 30 minutes every night.

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