Your 2015 Whole Health Test: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Prevention

With the start of the new year, health becomes a priority and shifts to the forefront of our consciousness. It seems that every organization, employer and health care strategist recognizes the need to shift from disease management to prevention and wellness. Unfortunately, what constitutes “prevention” and “wellness” is debated and the health care industry has not found its footing in clearly outlining these boundaries for their patients.

In my medical practice, we are home to every type of patient and every disease you can imagine. While the patients are diverse and varied, they are all bound together in their desire to learn more about their health — the why, what and how of a condition or the need to know what prevention and healing really means for them.

Helping patients navigate the murky waters of prevention, wellness and healing has become my charge — and in the pursuit of whole health — learning and creating guidelines for prevention and wellness is now a priority. Although each patient needs an individual discussion of what prevention really means for them, I have outlined some key concepts that provide some direction on our journey to whole health…

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