Six Steps To Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Do you need to drop a few pounds? Or maybe a few dozen? Wherever you are in your journey, make 2015 the year you commit to healthy, lasting weight loss.

These six steps will help you get lean the healthy way. Following this sound advice will also help you improve digestion, balance hormones, reduce inflammation and boost your energy levels.

Six Steps To Healthy Weight Loss

1) Sleep.

Sleeping eight hours a night, consistently, makes it much easier to control your appetite. When you feel refreshed and energized you stop reaching for a quick carby fix.

2) Find an exercise routine that works for you.

Do you know your exercise type? According to ayurvedic wisdom, people tend toward a certain “type” or “constitution” – Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Each constitution benefits from a different exercise plan. Read my post “What Is Your Exercise Type? (And My Personal Fitness Routine)” to figure out which one best describes you!

3) Don’t eat after 8pm.

Eating immediately before sleep can burden your digestive system making you feel sluggish when you wake and setting you up for bad food choices the next day. In addition, late-night eating usually amounts to processed, empty-calorie snacks (often alternating salty and sweet) and not fresh foods and well-balanced meals.

Fill up on nutrient-dense foods throughout the day and give your stomach a rest in the evening hours.

4) Cook at home.

Research shows that those who prepare 6-7 meals at home consume fewer calories than those who cook less, even when eating out (source). Find your niche in the kitchen and get connected to what you eat.

  • Keep a variety of fresh vegetables and baked or grilled chicken on hand.
  • Pack nutritious, energizing salads for lunch.
  • Learn how to make soup using your own flavor-rich bone broth (a.k.a. stock) as the base.

The more you experiment, the more skilled (and healthy!) you will become.

5) Limit alcohol.

Three drinks per week for women and 6-7/week for men – that’s it. Alcohol burdens the liver and is basically a glass of sugar calories. Find other ways to relax such as an Epsom salt soak, a cup of tea or losing yourself in a good book. It will pay off with increased energy during the day and, in turn, better diet and lifestyle choices.

6) Drop sugar.

This is the single most effective step you can take to drop pounds and improve your health. Sugar packs a lot of calories, throws your insulin levels out of whack, depresses your immune system and is highly addictive!

You can take a cold turkey approach and drop all added sweeteners from your diet. Or, if you prefer, wean yourself gradually. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, quality protein and healthy fats instead.

Once sugar is out of your system and you experience the boost in mood and energy levels, it is much easier to avoid. Stay off it and watch the pounds melt away!