Cervical Cancer – What You Need To Know

In the 1950’s, cervical cancer was the leading type of cancer among women. Thanks to routine screening with pap smears, it has now dropped down to the thirteenth.

Cervical cancer is most often caused by the sexually transmitted virus, HPV (human papilloma virus). Usually, HPV shows no major symptoms and clears up on its own, which is one reason that it is so contagious. However, given the right triggers, HPV can develop into cervical cancer.

Risk factors include: smoking, intercourse at an early age, long term use of oral contraceptives and poor diet.

Most women should be screened every three years at a minimum and receive annual pap smears.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Tips

1. Maintain a high load of antioxidants. Some studies have shown an increase in cervical cancer when antioxidant levels were low, especially vitamin A, CoQ10 and vitamin E.

  • Include in your diet orange vegetables rich in beta-carotene; butternut and kabocha squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes.
  • Up your intake of vitamin E by including nuts and seeds in your diet, particularly sunflower seeds.
  • Consider adding a CoQ10 supplement.

2. Keep your vaginal flora in balance – probiotic and prebiotic vaginal suppositories can be beneficial.

3. Green tea suppositories have been shown to help resolve cervical cancer as they contain high levels of ECGC – potent antioxidants that fight cancer. Check with your healthcare provider before including them in your treatment plan.

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