After 8 years of meeting and treating more than 10,000 women in my integrative medicine practice, I can confidently say we’re all super heroes. Women live busy and demanding lives—we raise and care for our children, lead successful careers, keep our partners and family members in check and somewhere along the line we find time to treat ourselves to the TLC we deserve. But what I’ve also realized, after working as a physician for more than a decade, is that if a woman understands her body and what she needs, finding healing and that healthy number on the scale is achievable!

So after seeing all of these women from coast to coast, I began seeing a pattern of five predominant types of women. I started recognizing it to the point where I could almost always determine which “type” a patient or person was at first introduction—though, of course, I always do my due diligence with everyone—taking a complete inventory of the patient’s history, physical exam and lab work. But, my initial instinct in determining what I call a “Power Type” almost always rings true.

What’s a Power Type?

I started tracking these similar patterns and their common issues, ailments, strengths and weaknesses. I kept testing my theory—meeting patients, strangers in the supermarket, friends and really anyone I came across—trying to see if there really was a core group of “Types” that worked for all women. Using what I learned from these countless experiences, I got to thinking that a more formal method for recognizing these Power Types ought to be in place—and that it may even help identify a woman’s various health issues and needs.

So what are these mysterious power types? I’ve narrowed them down to the following:

  • Gypsy Girl
  • Boss Lady
  • Savvy Chick
  • Earth Mama
  • Nightingale

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I wish I was the kind of super woman who could dash around the world like Flash to see, analyze, help and address all of the needs of women everywhere, but I’m afraid my super powers don’t extend that far. The next best thing? I spent the last several years creating an at-home, in-print version of my methodology and treatment practices—and I’m proud to say that it’s all laid out for all super women to read on September 12, 2017! This book dives deep into your health, identifies your Power Type and gives you the plan needed to live an incredible + healthy life.

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So here’s a sneak peak at the types…

Gypsy Girl

When balanced, my Gypsy Girls are ethereal women. When you meet one you feel like you’re talking to someone who floats in a space between the ground and the sky—like air. They are the women who have a creative eye, a unique look, a whisper of magic about them. They are sometimes not quite here but somewhere else, living in the recesses of their minds—pulling out amazing works of art, literature, photography, fashion, style—you name it.

The very gifts that empower Gypsy Girls, however, become a challenge when they stay in that space too long. They become disconnected from their own minds, hearts and bodies—ignoring or missing the warning signs and body clues that pop up periodically. That creative mind can give way to irritability, anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

Boss Lady

Driven, ambitious and precise, Boss Ladies speak quickly and definitively. They are present, focused and attentive during a medical visit with concise, yet detailed, responses. A Boss Lady tends to be a commander, a born leader, displaying many marks of leadership including a commitment to her team, an enviable work ethic and a strong drive to tackle goals and lists. Her accomplishments are quite impressive, but do come at a price. She stays up late, wakes up early and skips meals, but she presses on. Boss Ladies are typically successful from all of this pushing, but the wear and tear of this Power Type can be devastating when it’s out of balance.

The Boss Lady is prone to breakouts and her energy can take sudden dips. Out of balance, my Boss Ladies are prone to digestive distress, which they often ignore. This digestive discomfort can affect their hormones, specifically the thyroid—leading to fatigue, hair loss and yo-yo weight patterns. Research has linked thyroid disorders to irritability, depression and anxiety. One of the earliest warning signs that a Boss Lady is out of balance? Anger! While they are normally rational and calm, be warned that Boss Ladies out of balance can be easily irritated and agitated and become quick-tempered.

Savvy Chick

This power type is a blend—she has elements of a Gypsy Girl and a Boss Lady, but does not fit neatly into either type—she is another type altogether. I’ve come to realize from the patients I’ve worked with that many women are a fusion of these two types, all having this unique mix of the creative and the logical. Whether they are businesswomen or inventors, or even freelancers and consultants, they all blend creativity with a strategic, tactical savvy that is enviable. So the “Savvy” in their name is for their logical, business-savvy aspect and the “Chick” is because they are fun and edgy innovators. This blend is evident in the Savvy Chick’s physical makeup as well. In balance, she is creative, imaginative, strategic and logical. Out of balance, she can dance between anxiety and anger and is prone to having adrenal and thyroid imbalances and gut issues like reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. To balance these many aspects of her health, I realized the Savvy Chic needed her own unique plan, maybe similar in some ways to her friends’, but constructed for her and her type.

Earth Mama

The Earth Mama is usually the uniter—or the connector—of the group. She brings everyone together, hosts the best parties and is the one everyone turns to for comfort and support when there is a problem or conflict. She lives by the same principles in her family. She is the heart of her home, her neighborhood and her extended family. 

Many Earth Mamas don’t realize the tremendous toll caregiving can have on their psyche. If you don’t protect it and guard it, your energy quickly runs out, leaving you exhausted and depleted. As women, we are all wired to be givers to a certain extent, but my Earth Mama patients have the toughest time keeping it all in balance.


All Nightingales (or saints) give their energy to the world creatively and wholeheartedly. When in balance, I see my Nightingales take that spirit of giving and glow—almost like angels sent from elsewhere. However, Nightingales are indeed human and so their energy doesn’t come in unlimited quantities. And, when they finally do get depleted, my Nightingales get sick—usually from chronic wear and tear on their immune systems. They may lose weight from chronic stress, start exhibiting anxiety or depression and begin battling fatigue.

In many ways, all women have aspects of Nightingales: I think we all want to save the world in large or small ways. That may be the ultimate source of feminine power—we want to fix and improve and elevate. Any society that takes these opportunities away from women suffers.

But this is a unique type, a blend almost of all types, but with strong streaks of an Earth Mama and the imagination and hope of a Gypsy Girl—occasionally with a splash of the Boss Lady’s commander flavor. Don’t be fooled by the blending: Nightingales have their own needs, their own health issues and require a unique plan.

Finding Your Type

So which one are you? I put all of this together inside my new book, the Super Woman Rx. I decided that if I’m on a mission to heal super woman syndrome…and help women find lasting health and weight loss and regain their passion, I needed to capture what I’ve learned and share it! This book will help you identify your Type and equip you with a 3-week customized plan. It’s coming out soon. Hurry and pre-order by Sept. 12, so that you can take advantage of the amazing free-giveaways, like free entry to my upcoming ‘Living for your Power Type’ (a $189 value) to help you get you started!

In the meantime, keep following along with my blog for fun updates, exciting news and more on tapping into your superpower for lasting health!