New Year: 7 Benchmarks of Health

It feels like an onslaught. Health and wellness information coming at us from all directions. Eat this way, do this workout, try this product. A country done with being unhealthy, tired of our obesity crisis and fatiguing with the traditional biomarkers of “healthy,” Americans are no longer taking their health for granted. You can feel [...]

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From PCOS to Breast Cancer: Understanding The Epidemic of Hormone Failure

From PCOS to breast cancer, the epidemic of hormone failure seems to be rising in women of all ages. Between the rise in chemicals in our food and household products, our toxic load is wreaking havoc on young women's adrenals and endocrine system. I shared some key ways to better understand hormone failure with The [...]

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Your 2015 Whole Health Test: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Prevention

With the start of the new year, health becomes a priority and shifts to the forefront of our consciousness. It seems that every organization, employer and health care strategist recognizes the need to shift from disease management to prevention and wellness. Unfortunately, what constitutes “prevention” and “wellness” is debated and the health care industry has [...]

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The Weight Debate: 5 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

It’s mid-month. How are those New Year’s resolutions? As many of you work diligently to lose weight, the promise of a weight loss goal may seem to be elusive. While we all work to better ourselves, change our diets and improve our health, there are key concepts to weight loss that often get ignored. [...]

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A Sugar free, Gluten Free, Vegan Holiday Season- A Dr. Taz XMAS Wish List – Part 1

Family gatherings are changing.  I realized this after Thanksgiving when many of my patients and friends described their particular twist on the traditional Thanksgiving feast.  Tofurkey replaced turkey, almond milk became a common substitute for recipes requiring dairy and stevia replaced sugar and high fructose corn syrup.I guess I should be happy.  I have, after [...]

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