How and When to use Charcoal for the Dreaded Stomach Flu

Charcoal isn’t just for your backyard grill. Even though charcoal makes most of us think of glowing embers and yummy barbecued kabobs or steak, it has stomach soothing medicinal properties too. The CDC reports that 19 to 21 million Americans will get the stomach flu, and charcoal might just help you get back on your [...]

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Freezing Out Colds and Flu This Winter: The P’s and Q’s of Boosting Your Immune System

It has arrived. The sneezing, coughing, fever-ridden season has officially begun. Affecting children and adults, winter viruses often don’t discriminate based on age, race or gender. Many of my patients want to know what they can do to stay healthy this winter and enjoy the approaching holiday season. […]

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Dr. Taz MD’s Weekly Q&A, October 23, 2013

Q: Now that flu season is approaching, what can I do to boost my immune system?A: The flu is fast approaching, but luckily there are tons of immune boosting herbs and supplements that can help you stay well this winter.  Astragalus, an immune boosting herb, is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is often taken in [...]

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