Dr. Taz MD’s Solutions for Living Healthy Naturally: Tis the [Flu] Season

It is that magical time of year when it seems like you and everyone you know gets sick. Fortunately, you do not need a Christmas miracle to avoid catching the cold that is going around the office. A few good habits and immune boosting foods will help carry you through the cold and flu season.

Immune Busters

  • Lack of sleep: missing out on the sleep your body needs has a significant impact on your immune system’s responses [1]. Make sure you get the sleep you need to keep your immune system in fighting shape.
  • Lack of exercise: regular, moderate exercise (think 30 minute walk) everyday can help you fight off infection. People who do not exercise regularly are more likely to get colds [2].
  • Stress: Stress hormones suppress the immune system [2]. Try meditation, exercise, or spending time with friends to help manage your stress levels.
  • Bad hygiene: Wash your hands and make sure you sneeze/cough into a tissue or your arm. The flu can be contracted by simply breathing in aerosolized saliva from a sneeze; so be considerate of other’s health.

Immune Boosters

  • Yogurt with live, active cultures: Probiotics can help strengthen your immune system by maintaining healthy flora in your body. A study actually showed that probiotics can help reduce the number of sick days you take in a year [3].
  • Garlic: contains allicin which fights infections and bacteria [4]. Use garlic to flavor soups, breads and vegetables to reduce your chances of catching a cold.
  • Black or Green Tea: Contain L-theanine which boosts production ofvirus-fighting interferon in the body.
  • Mushrooms: Especially shiitake, maitake, and reishi. They increase production and activity of white blood cells [4]. They’re also easy to add to your diet. Cook them into eggs, chicken noodle soup, or toss them on a frozen pizza before it goes in the oven.


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