Which Vitamins Do My Child Really Need?

As moms and caregivers, we could drive ourselves crazy trying to make sure our kids get their fair share of fruits and vegetables. But, try as we might, sometimes the picky eaters win! The good news is it usually takes more than just a distaste for broccoli and green beans to cause a nutritional deficiency. [...]

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The Truth about Dry Drowning

It’s summertime and more than any other time of the year children are hitting the pool! And why not?! It’s fun, great exercise and entertaining! However, what every parent and caregiver needs to do is be extra vigilant when it comes to kids and water. Whether at a pool, lake, water park or the beach, [...]

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The Back-2-School Guide for Parents

It’s that time again — the yearly ritual of prepping our kids to go back to school. The lazy days of summer are giving way to bustling mornings, panicked breakfasts and the tracking of lost homework, uniforms, balls and more. […]

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