EP382 – How To Prepare for Pregnancy and Why No One Talks About Preconception Health with Alexandria DeVito

For many young women having children is almost like a check mark, but we and our partners need to put a lot more thought into it and be equally involved in this preparation.
- Dr. Taz

In today’s episode, we tackle the essential subject of fertility and preconception health with functional nutritionist and author, Alexandria DeVito. Alexandria’s latest book, “9 Months Is Not Enough: The Ultimate Pre-pregnancy Checklist” sheds light on the often overlooked importance of preparing your body for pregnancy and achieving optimal generational health.

Today on Superwoman Wellness:

  • Alexandria’s journey from the corporate world to specializing in fertility and preconception health.
  • The critical role of comprehensive preconception testing and guidelines.
  • How environmental toxins and lifestyle factors impact fertility rates globally.
  • Practical advice on enhancing nutrition, managing stress, and removing fertility blockers.
  • Understanding the concept of generational health and its long-term benefits.
  • The importance of both partners’ health in preparing for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Alexandria’s actionable tips for creating a baby-ready body and building generational health.

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The healthier you are when you conceive, the better foundation you set for your child's health, impacting them for a lifetime.
- Alexandria DeVito

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