Vodka Can Help Allergies? Plus Other Myths & Facts

For some, the change in seasons means colder days have come and gone and warmer days are on their way. But for the approximately 36 million people in the US who suffer from seasonal allergies, the switch of seasons is a bit more daunting. Test your knowledge about allergies in the statements below and then get [...]

  • How to Detox Your Liver in 2 Days

How to Detox Your Liver in 2 Days

Are you feeling groggy, run down, and tired no matter how much coffee you drink or how much sleep you get? Your body could be telling you something. How great or poorly you feel is largely based on how efficiently your body is removing and purging toxins. If you’re feeling sluggish, there is a good [...]

3 Foods to Skip On Thanksgiving

How many calories does the average person eat on Thanksgiving? Much too much! I know what you are thinking—way to be obvious Dr. Taz! But truly, how do you avoid over-eating on Thanksgiving? AVERAGE THANKSGIVING CALORIES Putting a number on Thanksgiving day eating is difficult. A lot of the data you see is funded by [...]

What’s the Deal with MCT Oils?

Should I Use MCT Oil? MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, are a unique form of dietary fat that come with many positive health benefits which include: Reducing inflammation Supporting a healthy gut microbiome Increasing energy Managing hunger and appetite Promoting cognition The research is still pouring in on these oils, and as always we have [...]