6 Ways to Keep Little Ones Safe in the Heat

Now that summer’s finally here, you’re probably planning plenty of trips to the beach, park, playground or pool. But I warn all my patients about the dangers of extreme heat. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be scorching outside to take precaution. The best things to keep in mind involve protection against the sun’s [...]

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Stay Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

The official kick-off to summer is just around the corner, everyone’s eager to stow away their winter clothes, break out the beach chairs and sit back, relax and unwind. Memorial Day weekend is about honoring and remembering the service members who sacrificed so much for our country. Many of us will gather together and enjoy [...]

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7 Reasons Eggs are Awesome

Sure, eggs look prettier painted pink or yellow with adorable little flower drawings, dots and swirls in celebration of Easter, but they’re pretty awesome for some other reasons too. My favorite reason? They’re total nutrition powerhouses—both their yellow and white parts! So after the egg hunts are over, enjoy a hearty, egg-rich meal for these [...]

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What Every Parent Should Know About Autism

If you’re concerned about the rising rates of autism in this country, you’re far from alone. Even doctors and scientists are still working hard to figure out exactly what causes the developmental disorder and why the numbers are increasing. I learned about the condition early on in my career, in residency, when I was faced [...]

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