Hair Growth Foods for Women: Top 5 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

Z Photo credit: KVc Photography Hair loss is a stressful health challenge that I can relate to personally. I struggled with hair loss for years, and it’s one of the main reasons I decided to study integrative medicine.  For us women, hair loss is uniquely stressful. Hair is a part of our expression, beauty, and [...]

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Diet Dilemmas: Did US News & World Report Get it Wrong?

The US News & World Report just unleashed their list of top diets (spoiler alert: I don’t agree with everything). With all the diets and food confusion out there, many people are simply looking for answers to fight weight loss, detox or jumpstart their New Year. It can be overwhelming, and a list like this [...]

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6 Reasons to Eat or Supplement with Tumeric

This mustard yellow herb contains bioactive compounds that have powerful medicinal properties used for thousands of years in India. The research you’ll find turmeric mostly focuses on its antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties due to the main ingredient, curcumin, but there’s much more to this member of the ginger family. Avoid colds and flu and stay [...]

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6 Delicious Ways to Reclaim Your Immunity

Having a strong immune system to fight illness and disease takes more than washing your hands for the full 30-seconds advised, elbow or fist bumping instead of shaking hands or hugging, avoiding crowds and sick people (unrealistic for most of us), taking vitamin C, and/or getting a flu shot. So how do you boost immunity? [...]

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How to Snack the Right Way + 5 Healthy Snacks

It’s 3 o’clock and despite your best intentions to eat healthy today, the bowl of candy in the mailroom is calling. I’ve been there. Or maybe you think you’re choosing a “healthy” mid-morning snack by noshing on a protein bar—I know a lot of women do—but most aren’t as healthy as you might think—many are [...]

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