Why You Likely Need Collagen

I’m so excited to educate you all on one of my personal favorite supplements to use—collagen! When you think of collagen, you may simply think of skin, however, there are so many total body benefits. Personally, I not only use it for anti-aging, but I love the healthy benefits for the gut and how it impacts my overall digestive process. I can truly feel the difference when I’m taking collagen. I love what my friends at Further Food are doing {no, I’m not a paid collaborator}, so check out what they have to say in this guest mini-post from them.

Did you know that collagen protein is one of the most satiating protein powders and can help promote healthy weight?  Protein intake has been extensively studied for its ability to support weight loss, satisfy one’s appetite, and provide fullness. The distinctive structure of collagen protein peptides has been studied and found to provide greater satiating ability over other protein types – including whey and soy protein – in the same quantity.  Collagen’s unique amino acid profile also allows it to suppress appetite and promote lean body mass. Learn more about collagen weight loss benefits below. 

Collagen Benefits

Collagen Provides Fullness Unlike Other Proteins

Specifically, research has shown collagen protein peptides are even more satiating than other protein types. One clinical trial found collagen to be 40% more filling than the same quantity of whey, casein, or soy, and individuals consumed 20% less at their next meal after collagen consumption than individuals who consumed other types of protein2

Collagen Suppresses Appetite

Another study among obese and diabetic patients found intake of hydrolyzed collagen stimulated the release of satiating hormones into the blood. After consumption of collagen, patients had a reduced appetite, resulting in a decreased overall food intake3. These diabetic patients were able to lose weight by eating less because the collagen protein reduced their appetites. 

Collagen Helps Retain Muscle Mass

As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass and often replace it with fat. This loss of muscle correlates with excess excretion of nitrogen in urine and increased dietary protein needs in elderly people. Research has shown collagen protein supplementation is effective in helping aging individuals maintain lean body mass and preserve nitrogen balance. In a study among 71 year-old women, patients who supplemented with collagen peptides demonstrated better preservation of lean body mass and nitrogen balance than patients who were given whey supplements4. Higher muscles mass helps with weight loss because the body burns calories faster. 

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