DIY Face Masks That Are Winter Therapy for Your Skin

Homemade is all the rage—because, let’s face it, no one really wants to put toxic products on their face! Unless you’re careful to check each and every ingredient listed on all of your skin-care products, from face lotions to cleansers and even under-eye creams, you’re probably introducing a whole bunch of chemicals to your skin [...]

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Quick Exfoliant for Winter Skin

Are you seeing winter’s effect on your skin in the mirror? Wishing for that healthy looking glow from head to toe? Search “exfoliant.” Go ahead and see just how MANY different products come up. Instead of spending time and money trying each one out, I’m going to give you an old recipe for one that [...]

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Liver Detox for Bright Skin, Energy

Are you feeling groggy, run down, missing that glow, and tired no matter how much coffee you drink or how much sleep you get? Your body could be telling you something. How great or poorly you feel is largely based on how efficiently your body is removing and purging toxins. If you’re feeling sluggish, there [...]

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Cellulite Busting Summer Smoothie

It’s prime beach, swimsuit, tank and shorts weather, and I’m hearing from so many of you about cellulite. These are dimply areas of fat that are often determined by genetics, but can be exacerbated by our diet and level [or lack] of consistent exercise. Being dehydrated, eating a poor diet that is too high in [...]

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