3 holistic hair mask recipes you’ll love to make at home

Many of us spend lots of time (and money) going to the hair salon to maintain luscious, healthy locks. But sometimes our hair needs a little extra TLC. Pollution, over-styling and lifestyle choices can wreak havoc with our hair – causing it feel dry, brittle and lifeless.

Fortunately we can call upon the ancient healing intelligence of Ayurveda to help us beautify our bodies as well as combat illness and soothe the mind. Many of the herbs, spices and extracts we use to nourish the body from within can also be applied topically to enhance the appearance of skin and hair. Ayurvedic beauty remedies are also comprised of inexpensive ingredients and can replace costly masks and hydrating treatments when applied on a regular basis!

These nourishing Ayurvedic hair mask recipes are designed to address common key concerns such as hair loss, thickness, breakage and dryness. Most require ingredients you’ll likely have to hand in your kitchen or can easily pick up from the local store – and they’re simple and quick to make up and apply!

Nourishing coconut rose mask (vegan)

This fragrant rose hair mask penetrates the hair mask to smooth unruly strands and infuse moisture deep into the hair. Moisture-rich coconut milk adds shine and softness (and provides a vegan alternative to yoghurt), whilst rose brightens (and smells beautiful).

Best for: Brittle, dry, frizzy hair that’s prone to breakage or has been over-processed and is in desperate need of rescue!



*5-6 tablespoons full-fat coconut milk (use the cream on the top where possible)

*1/2 teaspoon rose petal powder

*1 tablespoon pure, natural rose water

*1 tablespoon coconut oil


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir until well-mixed. Apply to the hair generously, focusing on the ends of the hair, and leave for 1-3 hours before rinsing out thoroughly. You can wrap your hair in a warm towel or shower cap to infuse the nourishing properties of the mask more deeply.

Hydrating milk and honey mask

Milk and honey have been cherished and combined for centuries to nourish body and soul. This mask harnesses the hydrating qualities of milk which adds moisture to the hair strands. Meanwhile golden honey adds shine and vitality to the hair.

Best for: Dry hair in need of hydration, or dull hair in need of a pick-me-up to add shine and volume


*2 tablespoons honey (raw, local honey is best if you can find it)

*3 tablespoons full-cream milk

*5 tablespoons full-fat natural yoghurt

*1 tablespoon oil


Combine the ingredients until well-mixed then apply to damp hair after shampooing, focusing on the ends.

Refreshing herbal hair mask

This hair mask requires some ingredients you may have to purchase online or from a local specialist store. But it’s well worth the effort! These herbal powders supercharge your hair routine, making hair healthier and more manageable. Shikakai is ph balancing and detoxifying, adding bounce and softness. Neem cares for your scalp, with natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which cleanse the scalp and hair follicles to promote new growth. Tulsi (holy basil) acts as an antioxidant, minimizing free radical damage and offering protection against pollution and toxins.

Best for: All hair types – this all-rounder recipe detoxifies, moisturises and smooths. This mask can be applied all over the hair and scalp on a regular basis to help prevent hair loss and breakage.


*1/2 teaspoon Shikakai powder

*1/2 teaspoon Neem powder

*1/2 teaspoon Tulsi powder

*1/2 teaspoon Amla powder

*6 tablespoons full-fat yoghurt (you can sub coconut milk for a vegan version)


Mix ingredients to combine then smooth the paste onto the hair, paying special attention to the scalp. Spread the mixture to the ends of the hair and massage in. Leave the mask on the hair for at least an hour before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat as needed to enhance the health and vitality of your hair and scalp!