3 Juices to Help Fight Allergies

The sun is shining bright, but are spring allergies keeping you down? Try my favorite three juice blends to help boost your immune system and combat allergy symptoms.

Juicing for Allergies

These 3 juice blends are especially beneficial during allergy season because they contain vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, called phytonutrients, that are natural anti-histamines and antioxidants.

You experience allergy symptoms when your immune system reacts to an intruder, or allergen. Common allergens include pollen or pet dander. Special immune cells detect the allergen and release histamine to help block the invader.

But histamine is also responsible for allergy symptoms, like:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Sinus congestion
  • Inflammation

Studies show that certain compounds can reduce allergy symptoms by regulating histamine, and modulating inflammation.

Fortunately, you’ll find these 3 juices are packed with these beneficial ingredients!

You can add all ingredients to a juicer, or to a high-powered blender to get all the allergy-busting benefits. 

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1.  Orange, Raw Honey, Ginger, and Lemon Juice

This drink is a citrus superhero. It’s power-packed with vitamin C, which is a natural anti-histamine, and has been shown to reduce the amount of histamine your body makes (1). Less histamine means fewer runny noses and less congestion for you!

Raw honey contains propolis, which is essentially the immune system of the beehive. It’s been used for centuries to support health and immune function.

One 2016 study showed ginger lowered production of certain inflammatory cytokines that activate histamine production, thereby leading to “prevention and alleviation of allergic rhinitis symptoms” (2).

2.  Parsley, Cucumber, Green Apple, and Mint Juice

This juice might be just as green as the grasses that are causing your allergies, but that’s what gives it so much power!

You’ll find lots of quercetin in apples and parsley, plus parsley also contains flavonoids luteolin and kaempferol, which support immune function (3).

I love green apples because their tart flavor means they’re a little lower in sugar so they don’t disrupt your immune response, and they pair great with mint.

Mint leaves contains menthol and rosmarinic acid, which acts as a decongestant and helps stop the allergic response, in addition to adding great flavor!

3.  Apple, Pineapple, and Kale Juice

This is one of my favorites because of the pineapple! My kids love it, and so do I.

Pineapple is sweet and delicious, but it also contains vitamin C and bromelain, which is an enzyme that’s a little like nature’s built-in antihistamine.

Blend with kale, and an apple, and you have a healthy serving of B vitamins, plus quercetin and beneficial fiber. 

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3 Juices to Help Fight Allergies


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