Dr. Taz MD’s Beach Exercises

Going to the beach this summer? Stay active on your vacation with a couple of these exercises that you can do pool or beach-side!

Pick-up a 30 min. game of beach volleyball with family or friends! It’s a nice leg and arm workout and a great way to get some extra cardio in! If volleyball isn’t your thing, reapply your sunscreen and go for a barefoot sand run or walk. Because the sand is shifting under your feet, you will give your lower leg muscles a bigger workout.

Try a mini-ab routine while laying out. While laying on your stomach (sunscreen on of course), pop-up into a plank position by balancing on your forearms. Start at 30-second intervals and work up to 1 minute. This will engage your core muscles and build up a nice sweat (as if you weren’t already)! Repeat three times.