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Let’s face it, successfully finding and sticking to a healthy lifestyle (one that really works for you) is challenging to say the least. Every year new plans, books, methods, health gurus, media messages, and podcasts tell us about the next quick fix to become healthier, happier, younger, slimmer, fitter — or just better. 

But which is right for you?
How do you stop feeling overwhelmed and burned out?
How do you improve your energy, reduce your anxiety, and overcome your funk?
How do you lose the weight and shed the fat?
Should you be gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or vegetarian?
Should you cut out all carbs and go sugar free?Should you run marathons or just do yoga?
What about strength training?
Is it okay if your bedtime is midnight as long as you sleep in?
How much sleep do you really need?
Why did you get cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or an autoimmune disease?

Here’s the answer to all of the above: It depends. I’m not trying to be vague, glib, or difficult. The reality is that each of us is truly different and your answers depend on who you are. I learned this through my own health discoveries and transformations, and through working on the health and life metamorphoses of thousands of women.

Access to successful healing and maximized super powers depends specifically on who you are, what your energy level and metabolism are like, your body type, your unique chemical composition, family history, nutritional needs, genetics, and more. Some of you do better with vigorous exercise, while others do better with yoga and tai chi. Some of you have a proclivity for high blood pressure or stress, while others of you are not easily flustered. You might have sensitivities to dairy or gluten, or you may need more or less protein in your diet.

The test you’ll complete on the following pages provides an organized series of questions that work to biohack your Power Type and will unlock the mystery of who you are and how to awaken the inner super powers that are dormant inside you right this very moment.

You can predict the formula for your best health! The golden nuggets of information to super charge your health are not elusive. Not only are super human health powers possible, but it’s easier to access them than you might think.


Dr. Taz

Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D. is a board-certified Integrative Medicine physician and wellness expert, who gained national recognition as a best-selling author of the books, “What Doctors Eat”, “The 21 Day Belly Fix”, and “Super Woman RX”.

Her integration of Eastern medical wisdom with modern science, along with her unique Power Type discovery, has led to matured segments on the Today Show, Dr. Oz, Live with Kelly & Ryan and eventually the premiere of own PBS special Super Woman RX with Dr. Taz.

She is the author of the upcoming book “The Hormone Shift” (coming October 2023).

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The Power Type Test is a self-assessment questionnaire that will help you categorize yourself into one of these five distinct Power Types:

By the end of this quiz you will have a clear snapshot of YOU as you are right now, which will give you strong clues as to how you’ll proceed to improve your health, happiness, and life.

Your Power Type is simply the classification that you belong to at this point in time. No one Power Type is better than another, there are pros and cons to each, and there’s a high probability that you’ll be making use of more than one Power Type as you move through your own personal journey.

Dr. Taz Bhatia M.D.