What’s the Deal with Matcha?

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha! If you haven’t noticed, Matcha is popping up everywhere! It is a powdered tea. Actually the whole leaf is ground up, which gives it one leg up on green tea that is made by infusing the leaves. Both are high in antioxidants, but Matcha is the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to green tea. Specifically, Matcha is high in catechin polyphenols, which may help to slow the aging process and protect against cardiovascular disease. Still aren’t convinced? Matcha may also help to lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, and protect against cancer! It is very low in calories and high in fiber.

If you have not seen Matcha, it is bright green in color. Many people like to make a frothy green tea latte with it. It is a great alternative to coffee either in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up. In practice, patients are always asking about holistic and healthy alternatives to energy drinks and capsules. This is a healthy choice that you can try.  It definitely helps to energize without the crash that you can sometimes experience an hour after coffee.

I prefer to make my own Matcha latte because most coffee shops add refined sugar or syrup, or use non-dairy milks with added sugar. Try mixing a teaspoon (a little bit goes a long way) or so of Matcha with a small amount of hot water (2 tablespoons to ¼ cup). You can drink it as is or add a cup of your favorite hot, unsweetened, non-dairy milk. This tastes more like a treat to me. As a heads up, Matcha is expensive, but a little bit goes a long way.

Cheers to your new-found, healthy energy drink!