Stock Your Allergy Medicine Cabinet

Grab a notepad and pen and get ready to take some notes. Today we are stocking our allergy medicine cabinet! This will wrap up our current allergy series.

While a healthy diet and lifestyle are central to overcoming allergies, including supplements can provide faster relief as well as accelerate long-term healing. During the interim, medication can help to further alleviate symptoms.

Here is a list of my favorite anti-allergy products.

1. Natural D-Hist and D-Hist Jr. (for kids)*

This potent therapy combines several powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to calm the allergic response, including:

  • Quercetin – Quercetin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It opens the airways by significantly dilating the bronchial tubes.1 Quercetin’s absorbability is enhanced when taken with bromelain.
  • Bromelain –  Bromelain is a proteolytic (i.e., protein-digesting) enzyme derived from the stems of pineapples that is commanding the attention of the medical community, with over 1,600 peer-reviewed articles to date. Known to reduce swelling in the airways, bromelain has long been used as an antihistamine in Europe and is gaining popularity on this side of the pond.
  • Stinging Nettle – This nutrient-dense weed is prickly to the touch but very therapeutic when consumed. It targets and inhibits several specific pro-inflammatory pathways known to trigger the allergic response.2

2. Magnolia Clear*

Magnolia clear combines Magnoliae Flos (the magnolia flower bud) with other therapeutic herbs to relieve allergy symptoms. Magnolia has been shown to benefit those with mild to moderate asthma.3

According to traditional Chinese medicine, magnolia is slightly warming and astringent, dispersing “wind and cold” and promoting drainage and opening of the sinus cavity.

3. Probiotics*

Your immune system’s reaction to allergens is often a reflection of your digestive health. Build up your digestion with probiotics (live, beneficial bacteria found in cultured foods and in capsule form).

These healthy microorganisms improve the balance of gut flora, boosting the gut’s mucosal immune system. Probiotics also work to physically repair a compromised intestinal wall, thereby protecting the integrity of the systemic immune system.

*These first three supplements are part of my center’s allergy bundle.

4. Black seed Oil

Black seed oil is receiving more and more attention from the medical community. Its active constituents have been shown to modulate (i.e., restore the “intelligence”) of an out-of-balance immune system.4

In clinical studies:

  • Black seed oil exhibited a significant reduction in all the markers of allergic inflammation.5
  • Administration of BSO significantly reduced the level of allergen induced lung remodelling.6 (Lung remodeling refers to the gradual and permanent structural change in the airways if asthmatic inflammation is left unresolved.)

5. Claritin

Claritin is an over-the-counter antihistamine that can provide relief from allergy symptoms, particularly if it is taken at the start of the season. The body’s histamine response is cumulative and can be harder to manage the longer it goes untreated.

Side effects are generally mild, but some report irritability and/or anxiety when taking Claritin. If I recommend Claritin to a patient I consider it a temporary overlap with long-term diet and lifestyle changes.

Important Note: Natural remedies are medicine too, and have a powerful effect on the body. Check with your doctor before taking any of these supplements, particularly if you are pregnant, taking other medications or have any medical conditions. 


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