Staying Slim on The Road

It’s travel season! Time to spend time with family and enjoy the warm weather. Your flight is booked, your bags are packed and your tickets are in hand. But you haven’t thought about how to stay healthy on the road…

When I’m traveling, I try to treat my body with care. It’s interesting because when I do, I enjoy my time more! No one is perfect and balance is always needed. So enjoy a treat here-and-there and don’t feel guilty because it will certainly do no harm. Decide before you jet set that your souvenirs will be your fun memories and pictures instead of digestive woes and unwanted belly bloat.

No matter where you’re going this summer, these tips will help you stay slim and eat clean while on the road:


  • My essential key to clean eating in any situation: plan ahead! Airplane food is not only unexciting, but packaged and usually unhealthy. Take a small cooler or snag your kid’s lunchbox. Pack raw nuts, organic apples and carrots with some almond butter to beat hunger pains and ensure a healthy snack.
  • Luna or Kind bars are an organic and filling way to get some protein in between meals to avoid overeating later on. I love the Almond & Coconut Kind bars.
  • Try to avoid fast food stops, as it is typically hard to eat healthy and even harder to stay away from the fries! I like to bring a salad filled with raw nuts, chicken, veggies and olive oil. Your tummy will thank you later.


  • While planning your trip, look for hotel rooms with a mini-fridge to store any perishable items you may want to bring on your trip. Not only will you have easy-access to nutritious foods, but you will save money and calories by eating-in for a light breakfast or lunch!
  • Find a grocery store or local food market close to the resort and pickup healthy items you usually eat at home, such as organic apples, pears and bananas. I like to take a loaf of gluten-free bread and wraps with me as well. Try not to venture too far from your regular eating habits!


  • I recommend using apps such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, or even Google to search for restaurants that have a menu including “grass-fed,” “gluten-free,” “paleo,” or whatever your nutrition needs may be. This will help locate restaurants nearby that cater to your health needs.
  • If the family has a specific place in mind, look online at the restaurant’s menu to find healthier options. If you have a gluten intolerance, it may be helpful to call ahead to make sure they have gluten-free items on the menu.
  • If you’re ordering a salad, ask the waiter to skip the croutons and cheese and to sub the original dressing with olive oil on the side (feel free to bring your own!)
  • Ask if the meat is cooked in vegetable oils, which may be high in trans fats and can upset your stomach. See if there is an option to have your meat or vegetables cooked in ghee or coconut oil instead.


  • The best part about family gatherings is home-cooked meals! But sometimes the dishes and drinks can be heavy. Volunteer to bring a few healthy dishes so you can have lighter options to choose from. One of my favorites to bring that the kids love? These healthy almond butter brownies from Landria Voigt, Nutritional Consultant.
  • Avoid heavy, sugary drinks like Pina coladas and Mai-tais. If you want a drink or two, opt for wine or a light beer instead (check out one of my healthy drink recipes here).

Remember to be active during your trips as well. Enjoy a nice morning or evening walk to take in the scenery and restore your mind. And of course, don’t stress! This is your time to recuperate and unwind. Stress does a number on your digestive system and overall health in general, which means you could be eating all the right foods— but if you’re in overdrive, you’re not only impairing the absorption of your food, you are also harming your immune function.

So relax, have fun, and happy traveling!