A Simple Gift: Peppermint Epsom Salt Foot Soak

“Magnesium-rich soaking salts laced with invigorating peppermint oil to refresh my aching feet? Yes, please!” says everyone on your shopping list.

This simple, therapeutic gift takes only minutes to prepare. We used Dr. Teal’s Peppermint Epsom Salt Foot Soak which contains added baking soda to soften up dry, rough skin on the feet.

For aesthetics, we mixed in a spoonful of dried mint before filling a basic mason jar. A swatch of burlap, crocheted snowflake (paper works too) and sparkling ribbon add a festive touch.


Gift-Giving Ideas

  • When you attend a holiday party, bring a jar of salts to the host.
  • Treat the people who take care of you throughout the year – your hairdresser, your child’s piano teacher, your yoga teacher…
  • If you have a family member or close friend with diabetes, bundle this salt with a foot basin. Warm foot soaks can reduce swelling and inflammation, and improve circulation – a must for diabetics!

Watch my video – Diabetes: Keys to Prevention

Foot Soak Gift Directions

1 ¾ cup Dr. Teal’s Peppermint Epsom Salt Foot Soak

1 tablespoon dried mint

1 pint-sized mason jar

an adhesive label for instructions

decorative touches – ribbon, fabric swatch, snowflake (optional)

Mix salt and mint together. Fill the mason jar and decorate as you like.

On a label write: Peppermint Foot Soak / add ½ cup salt per gallon of warm water in a small basin / soak feet for 15-20 minutes