Redefining Healthy: Are You Really Healthy? The GET HEALTHY 2014 Test for Your Whole Family

You made the resolution. 2014 is going to be your year to get yourself back. You will be your healthiest ever. You made your appointment for a physical, and did all the routine tests; paps, mammograms, colonoscopies, and cholesterol screenings.

Congratulations on the effort, but you may still not be healthy. I have seen thousands of patients through my practice pass routine tests only to find themselves battling some illness soon after or simply still not feeling well. Take my test to help you decide if you need a second look at your most valuable asset; your health. This is a test for your whole family as well.


1.You can repeat a sentence backwards.

2.You can read a book, newspaper or magazine for 30 minutes.

3.In any given week, you have more than 4 good days.


4.You have kept your weight stable over the last 5 years ( within a 5 lb range).

5.You are sick no more than 3x per year.


6.You have regular, daily bowel movements.

7.You rotate your breakfasts, lunches and dinners every 3 days (at least).

8.You do not have reflux, abdominal pain, or frequent gas.


9.You have no rashes, liver spots (cherry hemangiomas), or acne.

10.You have no changes in skin pigmentation.


11. You have consistent hair density and texture.


12.You complain of muscle aches and pains no more than 1-2x per month

13.You do not have frequent injuries or accidents.


14.You have consistent energy through a given day.


15.You sleep at least 7 hours 5 nights per week.


16.You have regular, consistent menstrual cycles (if under 45) without the use of supplemental hormones.

17.You have your hormone levels checked every 2 years.


18.Your children do not have allergies, eczema or asthma.

19.Your children are not sick more than 3x per year.

20.Your children are conscious about their sugar intake.

Now, for the results…

Y=2 points N=0

Give Your Family 2 points for every yes answer and 1 point for every no.

34-40 -Congrats- You/Your family meets our Get Healthy requirements!

28-34 -Not Bad- You/Your family is overall ok, but could use a few changes to help maximize health.

Less than 28 – NEEDS WORK- there are many ways to improve you/your family’s health. Get everyone healthy by following our tips and tricks on fb, twitter and our website (,