Quick Exfoliant for Winter Skin

Are you seeing winter’s effect on your skin in the mirror? Wishing for that healthy looking glow from head to toe? Search “exfoliant.” Go ahead and see just how MANY different products come up. Instead of spending time and money trying each one out, I’m going to give you an old recipe for one that you can make from common ingredients you stock in the kitchen. Trust me. . . I’ve been using this since high school, and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Each night as you sleep your skin cells turnover, so I always say a great time to scrub is in the morning – to help shed those “sloughed” cells and brighten for the day ahead. Many people tend to over exfoliate—yes, it’s a real thing. Unfortunately, a ton of the products on the market today don’t help and are chalked full of harsh chemicals and ingredients—many contribute to irritation when used regularly or too much. This only aggravates dry or acne-prone skin even more. Instead, try my gentle, yet effective recipe to get your skin glowing again.

It’s the perfect time of year for this, but tuck the recipe away because it even helps to combat sun damage too! Add these ingredients to your shopping list and then get in the kitchen! After a few weeks of using, you’ll begin to notice the difference! And of course, I can’t skip over the fact that vibrant skin requires hydration. If you’re feeling overly dry, check in with how much water you are drinking each day and include an electrolyte-enhanced water bottle a few times a week to stay balanced. Make sure you’re getting your omegas in through your diet (e.g., eat your fatty fish several times a week)! If you want to learn more about your skin’s story – checkout this post and find out your type!

Dr. Taz MDs Revive & Look Alive Exfoliant

1 Tbsp chick pea flour (makes amazing GF wraps too)

1/2 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp greek yogurt (lactic acid, vitamin C)


Mix ingredients together. Use once a week, in the morning. Leave on for 5-minutes & rinse with cool water. Pat dry.