• My 3-day belly fix diet plan to restore your gut balance pre and post holiday indulgences!
  • Virtual School, Home School, In School- so much debate right now.

    Whatever your schooling choice is- here is your comprehensive Back to School Guide with the 5 essential pieces to keeping your children thriving, learning, and healthy.

  • Healthy Home Guide
    Our external space reflects our internal being- for example, clutter, disorganization, not cooking or cleaning our external signs of our internal lack of self nurture-for ourselves or our families. Here is my beginners guide to creating a healthy, healing home.
  • supermanrx power type

    The first step in unlocking your optimal health is to get to know YOU - your type, who you are and then understand the connection to what that means for your health and how your emotional make up creates the rhythm and the cadence to your life; influencing your decisions, choices, relationships, hobbies and more.

  • While tackling weight loss is certainly not one size fits all, understanding your weight loss type should give you some direction as we all try to find our healthiest selves. Use the recommendations in this comprehensive guide as a starting point, before you start crunching numbers.

  • Do you know your mom type?

    Your child’s type?

    This is the heart of the mom child connection.

    In Eastern systems of medicine, the connection between a mother and a child was sacred and intertwined. So much so- that you did not treat the mom, without treating the child and vice versa- so clear in the Chinese and Ayurvedic Medical Model.

    This was my early inspiration in starting my practice and I see this same pattern and trend even today- right down to lab values/ patterns that are the same for the mother and the child.

    The Mom/Child connection is real and our energy and health affects our children directly- and can make or break the integrity of our family. Its easy to get mom fatigue but it may help to know your mom type and the type of your child. By finding your type, you can guess the type of your child and understand their emotional strengths and weaknesses, along with their health risks and gifts.

  • Keeping our children healthy is more important now than ever before.  Our children, pre-pandemic, were already suffering from the impact of high sugar foods, food dyes, additives, electronic and blue light assault - along with an increasingly toxic environment.

    The good news:

    You can support your child’s health and immune system and diminish the risk for inflammation, chronic infection and other autoimmune diseases. It begins with a strategic approach to your child’s health.

  • The Healthy Mom digital guide offers my personal tips on how moms can better maintain optimal health - despite the many stressors in our lives! In this guide, I hope to provide all moms with a quick and easy reference and reminder of how to take care of themselves- and ways to check in on a regular basis to know that it’s your time for TIME OUT.
  • Anxiety Guide
    Anxiety, fear, and even sometimes stress are your body’s ways of protecting you. They’re letting you know something isn’t right, and you have cause to be on high alert. But, dealing with a global pandemic in our modern society is quite a bit more nuanced than the primitive situations in which these protective mechanisms developed (like avoiding a natural disaster or predator). With stress having an immense impact on our immunity function, it's critical to manage stress and anxiety to maintain wellness.
  • Supporting Your Immune System Digital Guide
    There is no more critical time to support your immune system. This free guide provides you with extensive insights into how the immune system operates, and steps for fostering and restoring optimal immune response.
  • COVID-19 Visual Guide
    Dr. Taz's Covid-19 visual guide. Tips for boosting immunity and managing your quanrantine.
  • Ultimate Hormone Guide
    I created this quick reference guide to prepare you so that when you hit the doctor's office, you can do it with confidence and understanding.