Transcript: EP 272 – Taking Women’s Wellness Seriously with Betsy Scanlan & Kelly Brock of The Good Patch


Transcript: EP 272 – Taking Women’s Wellness Seriously with Betsy Scanlan & Kelly Brock of The Good Patch

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Dr. Taz: Hi, everyone and welcome to Super Woman Wellness. I’m Dr. Taz. I’ve made it my mission throughout my career in integrative medicine to support women in restoring their health using a blend of Eastern medical wisdom with modern science. In this show, I will guide you through different practices to find your power type and fully embody the healthiest and most passionate version of you. I’m here for you and I can’t wait to get started. This is a SoulFire production.

Welcome back, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Super Woman Wellness where we are always determined to bring you back to your super powered self. And I love hearing stories, stories of successful women, stories of women who have made it in all kinds of circumstances. And this is a great story. So I’m so excited for you guys to meet both Kelly Brock and Betsy Scanlan. Both of them have been in the wellness space for a period of time. I’m going to break down their stories just briefly and tell you a little bit about what they’re going to be talking to us about, but we are here, by the way, in honor of International Women’s Day, and we know that women all over the world really are involved in supporting their families, looking after their families, and then oftentimes we take that even a step further and grow things into an amazing business or venture, whatever it is and see the fruits of our labor. So both of these women have done exactly that.

So Kelly, we’ll start with you. Welcome. After opening National Body Spa and Shop more than 20 years ago, Kelly Brock was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. She recognized the success of the retail side of business. She followed her intuition and opened a boutique, Verde, with her eldest daughter, Mary Alice, in 2013. Since they were a good team, they launched a CBD distribution center in town soon after and started seeing sales records. Always up for a new challenge, Brock partnered with her sister-in-law, Betsy Scanlan, and friend, David Nicholson, to launch her current venture, The Good Patch, in 2018.

Betsy, welcome as well. Betsy’s transformation from serial entrepreneur and real estate investor to industry leader in the cannabis industry was a result of a personal journey. Within a few years, she’d acted as primary caregivers, we know how hard that is, to four family members who succumbed to cancer and only one survived. She saw firsthand how powerful cannabis was in alleviating the pain and anxiety and reducing the suffering of her loved ones. Scanlan’s first foray in the cannabis industry was as an investor in 2012. She then founded the Downing Group, which was developing products that were integrating CBD into gels and creams. The success of the Downing Group attracted the attention of close friends in other industries with the idea to extract CBD and plant-based ingredients for use in topical products. Working alongside her friends, they founded The Good Patch, which we’re going to talk about today, which offers safe, tested, and potent phytocannabinoid, and plant-infused products. Welcome to the show both of you. So pleased to have you here. We are excited to learn more about The Good Patch, but before we jump into that, I’d love to know more about your personal stories and how you guys even met each other to begin with.

Kelly Brock: Wow, I’ll go. Betsy and I are sister-in-laws. We are married to two brothers. We both are divorced and…

Dr. Taz: From the brothers? Oh my goodness, okay.

Kelly Brock: And we are still very close to both of them. And of course, in business, Betsy and I have been friends for oh, so many years, I think since we were 15.

Dr. Taz: Oh, wow. Goodness gracious. That’s a long time. How’d you guys originally meet? Through the brothers or did you know each other even before?

Kelly Brock: We both went to the same high school.

Dr. Taz: Oh my gosh. You guys go way back. Goodness gracious. All right. Well, let’s talk about this journey, because when I’m reading these bios and hearing myself speak and talk about you guys, I’m hearing a lot about a journey in entrepreneurship. It sounds like you were in different industries and then ended up in the wellness industry for different reasons. What is it like as a modern woman in the entrepreneurial space? What have you seen transpire over the years? Kelly, you’ve been in the space for over 20 years with Natural Body and some of the other things that you’ve done. What are you guys seeing as needs for women that ultimately are really not getting met? And either one of you can go first. Betsy, why don’t you go first?

Betsy Scanlan: Sure, well, when Kelly called me and said, I’m hearing all… She was so great with all of her clientele that she said, I continue to hear about what is really the issue of all women, which is I’m tired. I don’t get enough rest. It was just a range of ailments. And so when she came to me and said, I think we should create a product. A patch would be a great one with your ingredients, all your ideas on ingredients. Maybe we should get together and do something. And because we are both entrepreneurs, I just thought with her history, I thought, well, it’s got to be a winner. So we got together with our other partner, who’s also in the Natural Spa business, and same business with Kelly. It’s a different location, but that’s where their expertise came in, which was merchandising products, why certain things worked, why things didn’t. And so with a modern woman, as you say, it’s the same needs. It’s just been going on for longer and longer. But our patches are really helpful to those basic needs, which are sleep, exercise, getting up, having enough energy, yeah.

Dr. Taz: It’s so interesting because those complaints, fatigue, not being able to sleep, waking, the trying to manage weight, mood, all of those things, we think that they are unique to certain segments of the female population, but they are universal across all ages, across all ethnicities, across every socioeconomic space that there is. It was fascinating for me because I have my practice in the Atlanta area, and I get to meet all kinds of women. And then we have patients that fly in. Some of them are very high profile, some are just the busy soccer mom, but no matter who I saw, I would hear these same complaints. Those were the five or six fundamental complaints.

And then I go and do mission work in Africa and Uganda, guess what the five complaints are? They’re exactly the same. They are no different. So the story of women is very universal as is the story of women then trying to invent and create and solve problems. I just came from a lunch where that’s all we talked about was how do we solve problems for women.

Kelly, what are you seeing on your end of it? Are you seeing something similar, these same complaints and wanting to solve them, or what was your motivation?

Kelly Brock: Yes, so in the spa industry and even the boutique, that’s all I ever heard was I’m stressed out, I can’t sleep. But this show, in the Atlanta show, has been so interesting how many people bring up, they’re having hot flashes. Three of them had them today. Three clients that came in, they were all having a hot flash or they’re saying, I’m having my period and I’m cramping and I’m irritable. So we’re really lucky. We have the period patch and the hot flash, and I have the biggest hit at the show.

Dr. Taz: Wow, we’ll have to talk more about the individual patches and what each of them do in just a minute. But you bring up an important point and that’s one that I’m, again, very passionate about. These hormones, right? Hormones and hormone shifts and really, it starts as early as 13, 14, the age of my daughter. And I think it lasts all the way up to about 60, 65 or so. I think there’s not enough recognition around the fact that these hormones and hormone shifts at all these different stages and ages of women really impact how they feel, and they impact them so much so, that we often change the decisions we make with our lives. So what was the call for both of you in stepping up to the plate, so to speak, to help women with hormones, whether it’s perimenopause, menopause post-pregnancy, whatever it is, what motivated that?

Betsy Scanlan: Well, I’ll jump in. I think probably for us at my age, I’ve gone the whole range and of course between Kelly and I, we have six children.

Dr. Taz: Oh wow.

Betsy Scanlan: We have a lot of experience with the hot flash and the period patch, menopause, all those symptoms of irritability, dry skin, getting a little thicker, fogginess of your brain fog, just irritability. Those things they translate throughout your life at different times. So the patches for us made sense because you can put it on, especially for a hot flash. I don’t know that you’ve ever experienced one, but they come on so quickly that if you can calm that down and soothe yourself, that to us was really important.

Dr. Taz: I think that’s so important because again, there aren’t a lot of solutions out there for hormones and hormone-based symptoms. Again, not to keep going back to this lunch that I just had, but we were talking about the confusion around hormones and do you take a pill? Do you do a patch? Do you do bioidentical? Do you do Premarin? There’s so much confusion. And, and I’ve always said before you reach for any hormone, let’s look at the whole picture of your health and try to control things, because there’s so many natural remedies and holistic remedies that help to keep some of these symptoms where they need to be so that if you do have to do hormones, you often don’t have to do as much. You can do just a very small amount, and then you don’t have the side effect profile that so many people are concerned about. Now with the period patch in particular, let’s talk about that. First of all, let’s talk about The Good Patch in general. How do you guys just decide on what goes in a patch? How’s the technology work? Tell us a little bit about that.

Betsy Scanlan: Well, for a patch, our patch, the ingredients that we use are generally recognized as safe. So we’ve got like black cohosh, red raspberry extract. Those kinds of things are all very natural. That’s how we essentially start is any kind of ingredient that we feel is a good ingredient, that’s not… We use the most natural form that’s possible. And with the technology it’s to get it off of the patch. That is the first thing, and to get it onto the skin. So it’s a technology that we weren’t that familiar with when we first started out, and patches have been around for a while. I think probably the first ones were nicotine patches and then the estrogen and estradiol patches and stuff like that. So it hasn’t been around that long necessarily, but they’ve gotten a little better as time has gone on.

So that’s why we decided to use that because you can put it on and then you can take it off and when you need to. So it’s as natural a form as you can do. And to your point, you want to use foods, a lot of the foods that you use or eat are… So if you’re highly aware of the whole body and I’ve done a little reading on what you’re forte is,

Dr. Taz: Right.

Betsy Scanlan: And I think it’s the whole piece. It’s the mind, the body, the spirit. And a lot of is just what you put in your body can help so much with all those kind of symptoms for the period and menopause and stuff like that.

Dr. Taz: There’s a period patch, and then there’s a menopause patch, too? Do you have one of each?

Betsy Scanlan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dr. Taz: Wow, okay. And what are people telling you when they put the patch on? What are they experiencing? What are you feeling? Give us a sense of what they’re saying out there because I think for some people, it’s like, really? That can’t possibly work. What are you seeing on your end?

Kelly Brock: Well, my daughter is crazy about this period patch, and she was at the show with me in Atlanta, and she said, “Mom, I can’t even come out. I can’t work with you. I’m hurting, I’m cramping, and I’m irritable and I’m bloated.” And within 20 minutes she came out and said, “It all went away.” So that’s a testimonial, but what I hear mostly is, oh, I got rid of the bloatiness, I don’t feel irritable, or I’m not cramping anymore. And I think it’s the CBD included in that. So everybody has a different result, but even today, the hot flash, we put one on a woman who was having one, and she said it quit. So it’s nice to hear these testimonials and see people know that the patch is helping.

Dr. Taz: So do all the patches, regardless of what they’re for, have some CBD element in it or not necessarily?

Betsy Scanlan: We consider ourselves a wellness company, and so one of our lines has CBD in it as an ingredient.

Dr. Taz: Okay.

Betsy Scanlan: The other line essentially does not. It does not. And so the CBD, we were pretty much at the forefront of that. And then of course all the crazy stuff happened. Every low hanging fruit and stuff like that was going on. So we were the first of that push to use CBD in mainstream products besides a dispensary or those kinds of other things that we still hear about. CBD is such an amazing ingredient as a cannabinoid. And there are others. THC is the one everybody hears about is the other.

Dr. Taz: Right.

Betsy Scanlan: And there are other minor cannabinoids that are extremely amazing as well, and they work within our endocannabinoid system, different receptors in our body and our brains. And we use that one ingredient, and in layman’s terms, I use it essentially just like a multiplier. So for me, I don’t drink or smoke anymore. I’m an older lady, and I’ve gotten to the other side of that. But when I put on a Be Calm patch with a small amount, I think it’s a small amount of CBD, I can actually just feel just that settled feeling. It’s not in your face. It can be scary if you don’t know what to expect, but for me who is not using any kind of substance at all, it’s like I’ve worked out, and I’ve actually sat down and rested. I just feel like…

Dr. Taz: Yeah, and I love the idea of just being able to put it on and not have to wait for it to go into the gut and do its whole thing. I think that’s incredible. Where do you put these patches on? Are they arm, belly, back? Where would you put them?

Kelly Brock: On the wrist, most the patches, but then of course the period, the hot flash, and the cycle you put on your stomach.

Dr. Taz: And how many different types of patches are there just out of curiosity?

Kelly Brock: Hmm, let’s see. 13?

Betsy Scanlan: Was it 14?

Dr. Taz: Fourteen. Okay, fantastic. . Well, another complaint that many women have is sleep. So sleep is something that so many women, again, all ages struggle, but definitely when you’re having those hormone shifts, for sure. Tell us how the patches work for sleep, what you’ve noticed works for sleep when women are trying to get that decent night sleep, and they’re trying to fall asleep, and they’re trying to stay asleep as well.

Betsy Scanlan: Well, the Night, Night patch, for example, that’s one that does have CBD in it, as well. I don’t have a problem getting to sleep. I know a lot of people do. That’s never been my problem. But when I take that particular patch, if I’m traveling, which is the time that I typically do use them, I get a deeper sleep. And of course, when you wake up, you take it off and I’m ready to go. But it’s a deeper, more restful sleep. I typically don’t wake up in the middle of the night. So from my experience, which is what I can speak to, I feel more rested. It just turns my mind off because a lot of times as an entrepreneur, as you know, as a mother in general, or a woman in general your mind’s always clicking to the next thing, what you need to be doing. So…

Dr. Taz: Absolutely. It’s that just a mom’s curse? I think that’s a mom curse thing. I can’t tell how much of it is the entrepreneurial busy part of it, and how much is just being a mom where it’s constantly, did I do this? Did I do this? Did I forget that? It’s constant? I don’t know. Every mom I meet seems to have that particular issue. Do you have a mom patch? There probably needs to be a mom patch. If you’re a mom, put this patch on. Everything will be just fine. You’ll make it through without a problem.

Well, wonderful. And then, when we think about all these different patches being used for different purposes, the ingredients in them, do you guys go back and reevaluate and change ingredients or what have been the most effective ingredients that you think are in the patches that you can use topically? Any sense of that?

Betsy Scanlan: Yeah, I think to that point, we’re a really young company. We started in 2018 and now we’re reevaluating all of our SKUs, of course, which is periodically we do that. And based on consumer feedback and just what we think is when we know better, we do better. So we are revamping some of our patches. For example, on the CBD side, which is the part that I’m so in love with. I love both, but that’s kind of my love. We started out with an isolate, CBD isolate, that’s what it is. And we did that at the beginning when we were educating our consumer, that there was no THC in it at all. We started with that, but we always knew that using the full plant and all the cannabinoids and the terpenes and the flavonoids and stuff like that, what they call the entourage effect, would be a better product. It’s the whole plant. And so now we’re getting ready to move some of our SKUs to, from isolate over to broad spectrum.

Dr. Taz: Interesting.

Betsy Scanlan: Which has those in it. So it’s going to be a much better product just because with the comfort people understanding exactly what CBD is now with their own education and with us educating them as well, it’s just a better product.

Dr. Taz: And then how often do you have to change a patch? How long does it last?

Kelly Brock: Eight to twelve hours.

Dr. Taz: Okay, gotcha. Cool, well, I find this product fascinating. I’m excited to start using it myself. I think that anytime we can have a range of options for treating all the things that it means to become a woman and to juggle and to have so many responsibilities on your plate and those things that we talked about, those symptoms that come up over and over again, the fatigue, the anxiety, I can’t fall asleep at night, I’m gaining weight, I have joint pain, all of these things are things that are almost repetitive. And so I think it’s such an issue when you have women all over the world complaining of the same things over and over again. So I love that there are more options for women. I’m curious, just from an entrepreneurial standpoint, what have been some of the challenges as both of you in the wellness industry have entered and kind of navigated through different products and different companies.

One of the things that’s been so interesting to me, I’m 13 years, 14 years into my journey in the wellness space from more conventional medicine. And it’s interesting in a good way to see how I went from the quack to now actually people listen to me every now and then. So that’s been a good transition, and it’s also interesting to see wellness get almost noisy to a certain extent. There’s a lot of noise. There’s a lot of stuff out there. What would you say to that? And what have your experiences been over the years as you’ve watched the industry grow?

Kelly Brock: We’ve made every mistake we could make.

Dr. Taz: We learn from those. Those are great.

Kelly Brock: So much.

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Kelly Brock: And I like the challenges. It was almost fun to see. We’d make a mistake and go, wow, look what we did here. And we corrected it. So I think we just keep getting better and better. And I almost think we’re to the point of saying maybe that’s the end of the mistakes, I hope.

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Kelly Brock: But that’s been challenging. Just even over ordering, not having enough in the beginning, whether packaging, we’ve hit everything. So I can say I think we’ve corrected them all. Betsy, do you agree?

Betsy Scanlan: Yeah, I would absolutely agree that we stepped in a lot of holes that we didn’t know what we were doing at the beginning. And I think probably nobody really does at the beginning of any journey, but as you step in those holes, you think, oh, I won’t do that again. And you hope that you can avoid those. I think when you talk about the noise that’s out there right now on health and wellness, I think because when we first started, I don’t remember it being so much like that.

Dr. Taz: Right.

Betsy Scanlan: I feel like it’s that way right now because of the pandemic and everything going through and we’re at home. And so it’s awfully hard to distract yourself, which is what everybody was doing before the pandemic. It was everybody’s moving and doing and going and their children and all these things. And so when you have to be still and quiet.

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Betsy Scanlan: Yeah, I think that’s when people have a chance to go, that’s not important anymore.

Dr. Taz: Right.

Betsy Scanlan: So for us, I know I can speak for Kelly and myself, we had to do the meditation. That’s the one thing that we both do, and it calms us down so that we can face every day.

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Betsy Scanlan: And I think people are trying to help with that kind of slowing down all that distraction so that you can focus on this moment.

Kelly Brock: Yes.

Dr. Taz: Yeah, I agree. I think finding that stillness has been a game changer for me. I was always hyper to begin with, and then you start adding kids and businesses and all this other stuff onto it, then it just takes it to a different level. So I find meditation to be my saving space, and meditation can look differently. Sometimes it looks like true meditation, sometimes it’s journaling, sometimes it looks like yoga, but whatever it is just an opportunity just to find that space to be quiet, I think is so important. And I think the mistakes for anybody who’s an entrepreneur and thinking about beginning this journey, I look back, too, and I’m like, what was I doing? The stories I could tell and the decisions that I made in those very naively early years, you’re just like why? Nowadays I get home from patient care by about, I can wrap by 5:00. I’m usually done by 5:30 or so. I might still have a note or two to get done.

But in the early years it was 9:00 and 9:30 at night. And I look back and I’m like, oh my God, I used to walk in our house at 10:00 at night. Why did I do that to my… You’re in the security and you don’t realize why you do the things you do, but I think it’s so important to have tools for any entrepreneur, for any woman. Nowadays, all women honestly are entrepreneurs, whether they’re running their homes or their careers or their businesses, or whatever, to create the tools for you to check in with yourself so that you don’t crash and burn because that’s when the fatigue and the anxiety and all these things start to set in as warning bells, and many times women ignore that, too. And that’s where they get the diagnoses that we worry so much about.

So thank you both for sharing some of your stories with me and how The Good Patch evolved and what it can do for women. I think it’s an incredible journey of both being a woman in wellness and also being an entrepreneur, being an innovator. I think all of those are great stories we can latch onto and run with. And I think we need to celebrate. It’s International Women’s Day. We need to celebrate women doing great things everywhere, especially women in wellness. So congratulations to both of you, for sure.

Kelly Brock: Thank you.

Betsy Scanlan: Thank you so much for including us. We’ve had a great time.

Dr. Taz: Absolutely. Now, did you guys have questions for me from your social media? Someone said that, hey, they may pump you with a few questions. So I don’t know if you have a few. I think we’ve got a little bit of time. We can take a couple before we sign off here.

Betsy Scanlan: We have a pretty good following and we kind of have an ask. We made an ask to some of our followers, and one of them was, what simple habits would you suggest for eating clean and managing stress?

Dr. Taz: Ooh, I love that. I think one of the things you want to think about is just, and this sounds so redundant, I hate to even say it, but limit your shopping and your food choices to the perimeter of the grocery store, not the middle of the grocery store. Then you’ll get super innovative with fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, all of the things that are available there. And I think the biggest probably hack for me, and there are times I rebel against this and there are times I do it, is meal prep. Honestly, I think thinking through my meals, planning them at least three days at a time, prevents me from being in that position of oh my gosh, I’m hungry. I’m just going to go grab this over here. Or dinner’s not made, so I’m just going to go order something out, because honestly, the eating out is what’s getting us as a country. And even when we choose to eat healthy options, we’ll find that a lot of that stuff has a lot of salt, still has too many calories, the servings are too big. So for me, it’s meal prep. That’s a really big one.

Betsy Scanlan: That’s really interesting about the circular going around outside of the store. That makes sense. I’ve got one more. What can I do to support my body through hormonal changes?

Dr. Taz: Oh, I love that question. That’s one of my favorite questions. What I’ve noticed over and over again is that the more stable and the more intact your gut is, the less dramatic the hormone shifts are. So that goes back to eating the right foods for you, making sure you’re digesting well, getting in the protein and the fiber and the healthy fat so that the hormones are stable for the most part. And then when you do start to shift, it’s not quite as dramatic. You know, so many hot flashes and night sweats are connected to food, like spicy foods, lots of caffeine, lots of sugar, lots of alcohol. So I always tell everyone, we will need to do less if we can correct your digestive health. And if we can really get the nutrients to be where we want them to be.

Betsy Scanlan: That’s really helpful. I took your test and I’m a boss lady.

Dr. Taz: Yes, of course you are.

Betsy Scanlan: Kelly is probably an earth mother. She’s so different from me in so many ways, but I was looking at that.

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Betsy Scanlan: If you were to help me just a quick second.

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Betsy Scanlan: What would you help… Cause I know that’s where a lot of my problems lie is my eating.

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Betsy Scanlan: And it’s all about I’m hungry. Just whatever I could put in there to satiable.

Dr. Taz: Yeah, let’s talk about that. So you’re a boss lady power type, so that’s based off my book, the Superwoman Rx. And I get to merge medicine every day and get to see patterns every day, so I created these five power types where women hopefully got an early roadmap on how to take care of themselves by understanding who they are. And that’s what Chinese and medicine do. They don’t just talk about your body. They connect your body to your emotions, to your personality, and to so much more, and then talk about how it has physical ramifications to it. So as a boss lady, you’re very in medicine, which means you’re going to hold a lot of that stress right here in the gut. So the gut is usually the first thing to talk to you in terms of bloating or having trouble going to the bathroom or reflux or all these other symptoms that we see so often.

Oftentimes, you have, again, a lot of that fire, so too much spicy food or heavy food, it’s hard for your belly to digest. So when I know that you’re a boss lady, where I go to very quickly is you probably do need to be dairy free. You need a lot of fiber. You definitely need things that are gut supportive, like probiotics and glutamine and digestive enzymes because they help you to break your food down a little bit better, help your metabolism overall. And then you need tools to cool your fire, so to speak, and that could be anything from yoga, acupuncture, massage, any of these things that just sort of calm the nervous system down and help you to relax.

Betsy Scanlan: I love all of those things.

Dr. Taz: There you go. There’s your mini consult right there.

Betsy Scanlan: Right.

Dr. Taz: Well hopefully that resonates. I don’t know if it does or not much. Well, good. Kelly, did you do the test or you haven’t done the test yet?

Kelly Brock: I haven’t done the test yet, but I’ve done this in the past. So it’s interesting. I was a, is it ?

Dr. Taz: Yeah.

Kelly Brock: So, tell me about that. I want to know more.

Dr. Taz: That’s interesting because vadas are, I say they have more air energy, so they usually have more anxiety. They have a tendency to have trouble with focus oftentimes, but they need more protein. They need more healthy fats. They need to eat at consistent intervals. And oftentimes they have issues with gluten or they’ll have issues with their thyroid. Those are the things I see the most frequently. But the blend of a and is usually an entrepreneur. So it’s funny that the two of you came together to create business ventures together because you’re very much the entrepreneur. So I think that’s fantastic.

Kelly Brock: That’s interesting. If I don’t eat… You’re right. I have to eat a lot all the time or I can get so moody. So it’s like I have to continually make sure I don’t go hungry.

Dr. Taz: Gotcha.

Kelly Brock: Interesting.

Dr. Taz: Well, good. Well, thank you both. I appreciate your time for sure. Is there anything else you want to add in before we sign off here?

Betsy Scanlan: I just want to start reading your stuff. I need help. I’ve got patches. I put patches on me all day long, but I need to just do the whole thing. I’m meditating and I’m exercising. I’m not high on exercise, like aerobic, but I do walk and hike. So that’s my love. But yeah, I just need to spend a little bit more time focusing on myself, and to do that I need to look at how I can supplement the things I’m doing so yeah.

Dr. Taz: Well, wonderful. All those resources are there, and if you need me just reach out. Now I know people can follow you on social media. What’s your social media handle?

Betsy Scanlan: Kelly, what is it?

Kelly Brock: It’s The Good Patch.

Dr. Taz: The Good Patch. Excellent, well, thank you both for joining me for this episode of Super Woman Wellness and for everybody else, I hope you enjoyed this show. Don’t forget to rate and review it and share it with your friends. I will see you guys next time.




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