Transcript EP 319 – How to Find the Catalyst for Your Own Spiritual Awakening with Ron Baker


Transcript EP 319 – How to Find the Catalyst for Your Own Spiritual Awakening with Ron Baker

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Ron Baker: This is an education that’s so missing on the planet. An education about self, what our journeys are, what our potentials are, and how to make that journey of self the centerpiece of our lives. And then every facet of our lives can become more meaningful.

Dr Taz: Hi everyone, and welcome to Super Woman Wellness. I’m Dr. Taz. I’ve made it my mission throughout my career in integrative medicine to support women in restoring their health using a blend of eastern medical wisdom with modern science.

In this show, I will guide you through different practices to find your power type, and fully embody the healthiest and most passionate version of you. I’m here for you, and I can’t wait to get started.

This is a Soul Fire Production.

Welcome back everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Super Woman Wellness, where we are determined to bring you back to your super-powered self.

We always have interesting guests on this show, and I’d love to kind of see how the show’s evolved, and I’ve evolved as well. So I am fascinated by this topic. So I want to introduce Rob Baker. He’s a famed transformation coach, a bioenergetics therapist, and now a bestselling author.

After walking away from a career in performing arts to focus on guiding individuals into a surprising new approach to personal transformation, Ron Baker has spent 25 years as a bioenergetics therapist, a healer, a speaker, and now a bestselling author.

He’s nurtured thousands into meaningful empowerment through his school of self-mastery, and inspired millions to come together for worldwide events that he has led from sacred sites around the globe. Welcome to the show. So honored to have you here.

Ron Baker: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me.

Dr Taz: I am so excited to hear about your journey. So maybe give us a sense of how your journey has evolved. And I know a lot of people are like, what’s a bioenergetic therapist? I know I’m going to get that question. So why don’t we jump into your journey, how it led you to bioenergetic therapy, and we’ll take it from there.

Ron Baker: Absolutely. Because it will very likely be relevant to some of the questions that we get to. When I start the journey, I’m going to go all the way back to when I was a little kid.

Dr Taz: Go for it.

Ron Baker: And I just had a feeling that there was a way for life to make a lot more sense than what people were presenting to me. And so I went on this journey motivated by that and one other thing, a core challenge.

I grew up in a home with a father who never said a single thing to me. Not one conversation growing up, even though he was right there for 13 years in my home or in his home.

Dr Taz: What was he doing? What was he doing if he wasn’t talking to you guys?

Ron Baker: He was working, or hiding behind the paper, or whatever.

Dr Taz: Checked out, got it.

Ron Baker: As confused as you seem to be. Trust me.

Dr Taz: Wow.

Ron Baker: And so based on that challenge and based on that deep knowing, I went on a journey. And fortunately through my first career of performing, I got to travel all over the world, and I sought out teachers from every culture, every approach from indigenous people to traditional teachers. And I pulled together as many things as I could.

And what I kept coming back to was the idea that we are all on a soul journey that has lots and lots of lifetimes. Because part of the confusion as a child was, nothing made sense to me. Everything was so limited with the idea of one lifetime, it seemed so random, and unfair, and confusing.

So I used the opportunity to seek out answers that would make sense to my truth. And when I started exploring soul journeys, I started to feel peace.

Now, one other piece I’m going to bring into this is, in my early twenties, I discovered that I had a capacity to feel other people’s energy. I’d never heard of such a thing. Apparently it’s not so rare.

But I could feel where people’s energy was moving or blocked in their bodies. I could feel their emotions. And so I wanted a way to understand that, because it became overwhelming to me that I would go to a restaurant. And if someone two tables over was feeling nauseous or something, I would spend my dinner feeling what was going on with them.

Dr Taz: Would a physical feeling come over you, or would you see something, or would you hear something?

Ron Baker: The way I sense it is as if it’s happening to me.

Dr Taz: Oh wow.

Ron Baker: And at first I thought it was me. And eventually I began to discover that as soon as I would leave the situation, the feelings would disappear completely. So I began to put the pieces together and sought out people who knew about such things.

And so the idea of soul journeys, and the idea of understanding energy and how it moves through our bodies, and how we are so much more sensitive and capable than I had been taught. And now that I’ve taught so many people around the world, this is an education that’s so missing on the planet. An education about self, what our journeys are, what our potentials are, and how to make that journey of self the centerpiece of our lives. And then every facet of our lives can become more meaningful. So that’s a little bit about the overview of my journey, and some of the core pieces.

Dr Taz: Fascinating.

And it’s so true. Because incidents or events will happen in someone’s life and it’s like, well, I did the right thing, I made the right choices, I prayed to God, I did everything I was supposed to do. Why is this happening?

And if you do think about it, so is this soul journey over lifetimes? Is it over a couple hundred years? Is there any end? Is there any time for it?

Because it’s different, when you describe it that way, I don’t hear you talk about religion, or incarnation, or some of these ideas that are in different religions.

So give us a sense of how you’re … Because I’m right there with you from a medical and from a sort of psychosocial spiritual aspect. And we can almost take religion out of it. But how do you describe that to somebody who is maybe super religious, or has religion influenced some of what you believe in here?

Ron Baker: Yeah. Well, I grew up in the church. My grandfather was a Methodist minister, and so I was very immersed in a perspective of religion, and I had a stunning experience of the people. And so I know that it can be a nurturing, amazing place to explore our spirituality.

However, we are spiritual beings no matter what. I like to give a clear map of self, and I say there are three facets of self; the child, the adult, and the soul. And all of those are here when we’re born.

However, when we’re six, I could say to you, there’s an adult held inside you, but that would make no sense to you whatsoever. You have no reference point to understand. And yet here you sit in the same body, but you evolved into and awakened more and more of self, until this adult capacity began to awaken.

And then I could say to you, now there’s a soul held inside you. It’s the same baffling, because we don’t have an experiential reference point most of the time. And yet the same principles can apply. And so if we go from logic, you’re going to go from whatever your setup challenges are, which I believe comes from the soul setup of a lifetime.

For instance, my father’s scenario.

Dr Taz: Right.

Ron Baker: Sets up the curriculum for the lifetime in the child’s years. And then the opportunity is to spend our adult years nurturing that, and working our way through it from a deeper potential that has awakened. And by doing that, we take whatever next perfect steps we need to.

So let me give a thorough line of the one challenge. If I had gotten a mediocre level of nurturing from my father growing up, I probably just would’ve settled for that, and that would’ve been the end of the story. But I got nothing. And it brought my attention to that challenge in such a huge way, and I wanted a way to resolve the pain that I felt.

And so I went on a journey, and ended up identifying what I call nine nurturing needs that we all share. Discovering what was missing. And as I learned to apply those to myself, I learned all kinds of ways to move my energy and awaken and blossom into more of myself. And as I began to share those with the people around me, they too began to apply it to whatever their challenges were, and they started making great strides.

So in my trajectory, the challenge was set up. It set me in a particular focus. I ended up resolving that more and more and more. And then it led me to not only reparent or become the paternal authority figure in my own life, but I’ve now gotten to play that role of a nurturing father figure to thousands of people around the world.

Dr Taz: Wow, that’s amazing.

Ron Baker: So the soul trajectory was perfect. If I had faced the challenges, yes. And if I hadn’t been ready and I just was in a lifetime where it was beginning, I might need more lifetimes to work on this particular curriculum.

Dr Taz: So what I’m hearing from you is that it is our responsibility. It’s not really about everybody else, but it’s more about us identifying what is needed, and then kind of pursuing that, obtaining that, and then growing ourselves.

Versus kind of the old psychology, the stuff that we saw in movies, right? Okay, tell me about your father, tell me about your mother, versus fixating on something that happened to us. Is that fair to say? Is that kind of the right interpretation of what you’re saying?

Ron Baker: Well, I would love to elaborate a little bit to make it clearer.

Dr Taz: Yeah.

Ron Baker: In order to face those challenges, I needed help. I needed guidance. I needed a teacher or many teachers to help me put the pieces together, so that I could go after seeking the answers in adulthood, and then I can become responsible for myself in adulthood.

As a child, we get frozen in looking to mommy, daddy to be the source because they are the source when we’re little people. And when they don’t know how to provide the depth of education about life and self that we all need, then we can get frozen there and we look to other people.

Part of my process was looking back. What was set up with your mom and dad? How did you feel? What were the pieces of the challenge that you now have the opportunity to nurture and transform, filling in the gaps of what was missing.

So all the pieces are necessary, but we become capable when we seek out help from someone, such as what I’ve been providing to the people who have come to me. And then I teach them how to become the source of their own healing. But we need each other in order to gain that information and education about…

Dr Taz: So what is the process there, how does that work? I’m curious about how you lead somebody down this path of self-discovery. Maybe describe that a little bit for us.

Ron Baker: Yes. I think that providing a clear map of how the journey actually works. So, saying that the soul sets up the challenge and the curriculum. Then we recreate similar situations in adulthood because we resonate with that at the core of self.

So I attracted people who were unavailable, and didn’t know how to nurture, and didn’t know how to guide in order to keep that alive, so that I would stay with the curriculum. So we attract very similar situations and archetypes, so that we are then encouraged to seek out the help to look at it.

And then what I do with people is, I not only give them this clear map so they understand, oh, finally I don’t feel like a victim of this. I feel empowered to want to face my challenges and learn how to nurture them.

I then teach them about how to move energy in the body. Because most of the time we have our trauma held in here, and then we end up going up in our heads to get as far away from the trauma in our lower bodies as possible.

And so we’re hanging out here, trying to figure out how to make the agenda of the wounded child. Me, seeking validation as my daddy replacement, that was my agenda. And no matter what, I was going to get that validation.

And so we have to understand, if I hang out in the head, I’m not available in my own body to nurture myself. So there are all kinds of levels of educating someone about, I’m going to stand here, that the wounded child stuff is down here in the lower energy centers, and the adult operates here in the heart center. And then we have that soul potential held in the higher energy centers.

So we have to educate adults. And let’s show you perspectives and deeper truths than what your child was introduced to, or how your child interpreted things such as I interpreted, I’m unworthy. I’m not lovable because my father clearly would be investing in me if I were worthy and lovable.

That wasn’t the deepest truth. The adult truth was, he didn’t know how. It wouldn’t have mattered who the child who was born to him, he still wouldn’t have known how.

Dr Taz: Right.

Ron Baker: And so I could say to you, I need to build a jet engine, teach me. Go. And you don’t know how. So it’s like, that helped my adult go, oh, such relief. Now I can go back and reparent and nurture my child with the tools I’m learning. Learning how to move energy, learning how to connect and identify what my feelings are. Most people are not very connected to their feelings.

I could ask everyone listening right now, take a minute and see if you can name five feelings that are going on for you right now. I’ve done this with so many people, most cannot. And so we have to learn how to get back in touch with ourselves by coming out of our heads, getting grounded in the body, moving energy, opening it up.

There are so many benefits, even physical health becomes vital.

Dr Taz: Totally, yeah.

Ron Baker: For instance, I’ve only been sick two days in 25 years.

Dr Taz: Wow.

Ron Baker: Because of moving this energy and nurturing myself on all the levels, physical, emotional.

Dr Taz: Now, many of you that have been listening to me over the years know that I place a lot of importance on gut health. And there’s a very simple reason why. We know gut health is the foundation of health in many eastern systems of medicine.

And without a good, healthy gut, your immune system and so many other areas of your body suffer. I always tell my patients that their overall health lies in their gut. And how do we do that without getting too complicated, or making things difficult?

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So what are some of the best ways to do that? So I’m thinking about somebody out there who’s listening, and hopefully you guys are having an a-ha moment. Being like, it’s a soul journey. It makes sense now. I was reacting as a wounded child, not as an adult.

Ron Baker: Yes.

Dr Taz: But there’s the realization, but then there’s the practice, right?

Ron Baker: Yes.

Dr Taz: So what is the ritual and the rhythm that you recommend to your clients for getting in touch with your feelings, for moving energy? What are some of your favorite techniques there?

Ron Baker: So I like to start out with a very foundational one. And so for everyone listening, I encourage you to go through this little exercise with me. I’m going to say one word, and when I say that word, don’t change a thing about what you’re already doing. But pay attention, identify it. The word is breath. Don’t change anything, but tune into how you’re breathing at this moment.

And then I ask, would you consider it deep and connected and free flowing, or shallow? And most people…

Dr Taz: Shallow.

Ron Baker: Literally almost a hundred percent discover, oh my goodness, I’m only breathing down to about right here.

And I say, okay, this is because we don’t want to stir up anything in the lower body. So we’re up in our heads, only doing what I call survival breathing. So now put one hand on the lower belly, one hand on the chest, and take in a deep breath, proactive breath through the nose, and proactive release out of the mouth.

And so people do this, and I almost always see the chest go up rather than the lower belly. And then when they do the out breath through the mouth, it’s almost always a very closed mouth and careful, some version of careful.

What I suggest is filling up this lower belly so it looks like I’m six months pregnant, and then the out-breath.

Why? Because my capacity to receive through my whole body is determined every time I breathe in. I give a clear message. How much do I deserve? Oh, just enough to survive.

Dr Taz: Oh my gosh.

Ron Baker: Don’t want to give that message.

So breathing into the lower body says, I am worthy to receive. I’m safe. There’s no threat because I’m stretching my comfort zone and reconnecting, as an adult, to my body. And then the out breath says, how safe do I feel to assert or share who I am on the inside?

And so people are very careful. Because we haven’t felt safe. No one taught us how in those early years. Tell me how you feel, tell me what’s going on with you. Let’s encourage more and more of you out because you are a sacred being, and layer after layer of you is going to emerge. And I want you to see my eyes of acceptance, and know that you’re safe to share your most honest feelings, your most honest opinions, your most honest interests. We didn’t get encouraged in this way.

And so to be able to go, sending that air all the way to the far side of the room and then going, no ship sank in the harbor because I did a full breath.

So as a foundational tool, I’m connecting to my body. I’m telling myself that I matter and that I deserve, I am releasing energy, rather than containing it all so tight and defended. And this release and flow of energy creates more vitality, more access, more freedom. It becomes the foundation for all the tools so we can eventually get in touch with our feelings. Because that all emerges way down here in the second energy center.

And so if I am not ever connecting there, I can’t really awaken and know that right now in this moment, as I tune into just you, I feel connected, open, seen, safe, quiet, authentic, grateful. I could go on and on and on, naming feelings.

And then once we can name them, we nurture them, and we move the energy, and we learn how to share them and release the energy.

This foundation of adult safety is required in order to go back to the child setup. So that the inner child part of us can trust, there’s finally an adult self, an adult authority who’s going to nurture him or her so that it can feel safe to open.

And then people blossom like you cannot imagine. It is so beautiful to watch, and I’m going to go so far as to say 100% of the people who practice the tools make such clear, distinct, consistent moves into more and more of themselves. Because it’s all held in here from the time we’re born.

Dr Taz: Wow.

Ron Baker: It’s a beautiful thing.

Dr Taz: So powerful. So are a lot of these tools in your book? You have a book, Bright Lights, Big Empty, A Journey of Profound Awakening. Can readers find some of that in there?

Ron Baker: Yes. What I do in this book is I share my journey from wounded child to empowered adult, even into the initiations of soul. It’s a journey that maps out more of what is possible, and I want to show readers how safe it is to look back as an adult, to identify the challenges, to identify the gifts that we hold, and how to nurture them. And I give clues and hints throughout.

And then I show what becomes possible, and that when we get to adult consciousness, we’re no longer run fully by the wounded child hamster wheel of life. We move into the capacity to go, what kind of man or woman do I choose to be? I get to practice the qualities and the choices that make me feel great about myself.

Rather than, who do I have to be to please my mommy, daddy replacement? What choices do I think I have to make in order to avoid what I learned to try and avoid as a child? People don’t even know that they’re ruled by all that.

But when we get conscious of this adult self and we see, wow, the more I choose in a way that makes me proud of myself, the more I love my life.

And then you can get in touch with identifying the things that are truly important to you as an individual, rather than all the things that we were taught that we should do. And life becomes so much more passionate, and enlivened. And people say, I’ve never been so excited to wake up every day. Because I’m investing in myself and I’m building a life that matters to me. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Dr Taz: I love it. It’s definitely something I’m going to try on my own. So is this related to channeling, out of curiosity? And what is channeling?

Ron Baker: Yes. So the way channeling came into this, and for people who don’t know, trust me. When you follow my journey in the book, there’s a moment where I was introduced to this, and I had no idea what in the world it was.

Basically, my business partner of 22 years had his first experience as a channel when we went to a meditation group. And his soul had chosen the wounded curriculum, but the gift that he had was the potential for channeling.

The through line of that is he was beat up so often as a child, he didn’t want to be in his body. And so he opened up the top of his energy field to try and escape. That challenge prepared him to be able to open and receive the energy of Archangel Gabriel when the time was right.

Dr Taz: Oh my God.

Ron Baker: Basically, what that boils down to is something we do every day. We turn a knob and we listen to a radio.

What are we doing? We are receiving energy and information that travels as energy through thin air. It doesn’t even have to go through a wire. It goes from an antenna to a receiver.

It’s the same thing as when we are sitting there and we go, oh, I haven’t thought of Susie in so long. And all of a sudden the phone rings and it’s Susie.

Dr Taz: Yep.

Ron Baker: This is the energy of intention hitting our receiver. And Robert just happened to have a very advanced receiver. And therefore, the intention of the energy and information coming from Gabriel was able to be received, and he was prepared to let go and allow that to happen because of his challenge.

Dr Taz: Wow.

Ron Baker: And so thousands of hours of the most amazing, beautiful, clear information about how to resolve the wound itself, what is happening on our planet, why it’s accelerating so fast, why the challenges on the planet are also accelerating so fast, and what it’s attempting to bring us to.

All of that is covered in the book, and it is so inspiring when we finally have a simple, grounded, clear education.

Dr Taz: Are these the musings of the ArchAngel Gabriel? Are these his musings?

Ron Baker: Yes. These are the teachings that he has brought through to us. And my business partner is no longer with us, he passed away in 2013. But has been passed on, and that I have been teaching through what I call a school of self-mastery.

And so this education about self, and how to nurture self and awaken into self, it is so inspiring and so exciting to hear that we hold so much more potential than anyone had known how to teach us.

And the planet is awakening. Just look at the last 30 years. The planet has accelerated in knowledge, in information, in connection, through the internet, et cetera, more in 30 years than in the last 3000 years.

And there are reasons for all of this, all of a sudden accelerated awakening, and we can learn how to tap into that and become in the flow in our bodies, opening to become a part of such a miraculous time to be alive.

But if we’re still stuck in the wounded child programming, it just feels more and more pressured instead. So it’s so important that we get this education and learn how.

Dr Taz: Well, can we know one of the reasons the planet’s accelerating?

Ron Baker: Sure.

Dr Taz: Is that a cheat or do we really need?

Ron Baker: Oh, no, no, no. I’m more than happy to say.

Yeah, let’s go back to our map, child to adult. How does that happen? All of a sudden energy moves in the body. We’ve all moved through adolescence. Right. Energy moves through the body and awakens us, our hormones, our feelings. We don’t even know who we are anymore. Our entire physical body changes and accelerates. And that energy movement is what allows us to move from child to adult.

And it awakens every part of us, including more mental capacity. And so we have a second wave of that energy that happens when we are ready to move from adult to soul.

Well, guess what? The planet is also evolving as mass consciousness of people, and we have only just now reached the stage, which we know is midlife, when our energy accelerates.

Well, if we’re not ready for that level, because we’re still stuck in childhood, and still so blocked with all the stuff we’ve accumulated, what happens when that energy releases in midlife in the old paradigm is that it slams into the blockages. And we begin to create and manifest challenging issues in the body, and we create a decline so that we can prepare for the end of life.

This is what we’re up to at this stage. And now all of a sudden, the energies are accelerating and people are waking up. It’s more complicated than this, but based on our time, this is the best I can offer in a short.

The energy is awakening us so that all of a sudden we have so much more knowledge, and so much more consciousness, and the front edges of that potential are starting to awaken.

Well, for those who have dedicated their lives, like myself, to this kind of awakening and process, I am blown away by the potentials that have opened. And how it’s either at this time of planetary midlife going to be an accelerated decline and challenge, we’re seeing that everywhere. All the systems in the world and the corruption is all shaking and coming to a head, encouraging people to look for more solid answers.

And so you have more teachers of consciousness, and more conversation about spirituality, and so much more opportunity as people are awakening, and showing up for one another, and inspiring and exploring the front edges of this soul consciousness that is now penetrating. Because that is the primary opportunity of this unprecedented time we’re in.

Dr Taz: Wow.

Ron Baker: Awakening soul. So that really, A Profound Journey Of Awakening is my subtitle. And so it’s awakening from Wounded Child to Empowered Adult to Soul Initiate, and it is so beautiful.

Dr Taz: Wow. I feel like I could talk to you about this all day, but I want your book. I’m going to have to dig into it. I love this topic. I love that we are bringing energy in.

And for those who’ve been listening and watching me for a while, by now, they understand that I actually believe in multiple bodies, right? A spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, and physical body. And that they all communicate.

So what’s a doctor doing talking about this stuff? Well, it matters. Right? And it matters because it shows up physically, even when we don’t want to acknowledge it emotionally, or spiritually, or energetically.

So I think for anybody out there who’s been listening and you’re not really sure where to go with this, let’s start by reading your book and really understanding that. And is there a way for folks to connect with you as well? What’s a good way to connect and kind of continue this?

Ron Baker: My website is my name, If you go, you’re going to get a car dealership. But is my website. And the book, Bright Lights, Big Empty, is available there. Or you can just go directly to Amazon.

Dr Taz: Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for taking time out today to share this really important message with us.

And for everybody out there, I hope you’re inspired, I hope you’re motivated to learn your own journey and your own self-awareness, get that roadmap. I think it just brings everything into full focus, and you have such a sense of peace afterwards.

So as always, thank you for watching and listening to this episode of Super Woman Wellness. Ron, thank you for joining me as well, we really appreciate it. And I will see you guys next time.


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