The 4 Week

EastWest® Hormone Bootcamp — Rebalancing Your Hormones... Naturally

Combining the Best of Eastern and Western Medicine

April 26 – May 15


Are you ready to balance your hormones naturally?

The EastWest® Hormone Bootcamp lays the foundation for healthy hormone balance — for all women. 

This class is right for you if…

You’re a woman — because all women have hormonal fluctuations and need to have the tools to repair them.

You’re frustrated and don’t know where to start to understand your hormones.

Whether it’s painful periods, irregular periods, or sometimes just no period at all, period problems are all too common for you.

You’re fed up with bloating around your cycle.

Hair loss, thinning hair, or balding in certain areas on your head has you feeling self-conscious.

You’re among the 12% of women who suffer from PCOS or endometriosis.

Hormonal shifts in perimenopause or menopause have turned your life upside down and you’re ready to find balance again.

Acne breakouts have you fed up because nothing works to clear it.

Mood swings, anger, or anxiety & depression seem to happen at the same time each month and it’s impacting your relationships.

You have trouble falling or staying asleep, and cannot seem to wake feeling rested.

By joining this workshop, you’ll gain the tools to:

Achieve balance among the 7 major hormones you need at any stage of your life.

Curate your personalized diet, supplement, exercise, and mind-body plan for optimal hormone balance...featuring TCM, East-West methods, and more.

Embrace hormones as more than just lab values, and instead a manifestation of your overall well being.

Discover the link between gut-liver detox and hormonal imbalance... and how you can fix these problems naturally.

Identify your dominant hormone pattern to achieve boundless energy, glowing skin, a peaceful mind, better sleep, and so much more.

Workshop Outline

Week 1
Identify the 7 Major Hormones
Days 1 through 7 of the EastWest® Hormone Reset
Begin the gut-liver detox and find the missing nutrients for healthy hormone balance

Week 2
Beat Inflammation and Insulin Resistance
Days 8 through 15 of the EastWest® Hormone Reset
Eating for hormone balance, & finding the best diet for your type
Week 3
Find Your Dominant Hormone Pattern
Lab results review, if available 
Days 16 through 23 of the EastWest® Hormone Reset
Personalize your diet, fitness, & supplement plan

Week 4
Build Your Mind-Body Toolbox
Days 24 through 30 of the EastWest® Hormone Reset 
Understanding the Science of Emotions
Find your ‘Emotional Set Point’

What's Included

  • 4 weeks of  Live Zoom sessions with Dr. Taz
  • 4 weekly additional Q&As, & community support in our private Facebook group, filled with all the information you need
  • Access to Dr. Taz's Hormone Workbook, recipes, personalized guides, & remedies
  • Dr. Taz's unique 30-day EastWest® Hormone Reset — a 4-week plan to rebalance and reset your hormones the EastWest® way 
  • A step-by-step guide for how to eat, move, & supplement to balance your hormones
  • Personalized exercises to work through hormone patterns, emotional blocks, symptoms, and more.
  • Lifetime access from your computer, phone, or tablet

Want to test your hormones for a more personalized experience?

When you join the Hormone Bootcamp, you can save $30 on an at-home hormone test kit. Regularly $179, Workshop price $149


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