Dr. Taz MD’s Summer Travel Bag Needs

Warm weather is here, which means you probably have a few family vacations on your calendar for this summer. If you haven’t taken your big beach trip yet, use these home remedies for on the road to keep you healthy and fresh during your travels. I’ve made your packing list light and easy for you. Most of these products you can even find in your own kitchen and have several different uses, so you don’t have to bring the whole house with you.

My Travel Must-haves:

1. Coconut oil

We often talk about this oil for all its great gut health benefits, but it works in so many different ways.

· Moisturizer- use pre and post beach on your hair to prevent drying, breakage and sun damage. I recommend using about one tsp. and working through the scalp and ends as needed.

· Make-up remover—dip a cotton ball and take off any eye-make up or lipstick with this safe, natural oil.


2.  Aloe Vera

· Use topically to moisturize skin and prevent eczema, cracking or dryness from the pool’s harsh chemicals.

· Apply to sunburns and eczema to heal chafed or charred skin.


3. Lavender Essential Oil

· Rub onto the temples to help travel sleeplessness.

· Use as an antibacterial and antiseptic on wounds and scrapes or to calm an itching bug bite.

· Lavender oil is also great for pre-flight anxiety. The calming scent helps you to relax and steady your breathing.


4.  Epsom Salts with Eucalyptus and Rosemary

· Use in your bathtub to help heal muscle soreness during your trip or just to relax!

· Epsom salts can also be used topically as an exfoliation for soft, smooth skin.

· Or if you need to open your sinuses or notice any congestion coming your way, put a heaping spoonful into boiling water and inhale to open up your airways.


5. Turmeric

· Use about a tsp. of turmeric powder in hot water with lemon to combat PMS symptoms and help colds that may arise during your stay.

· Turmeric is also great for boosting your immune system and keeping any travel colds at bay.


Other helpful items include:

·       Sunscreen to keep yourself protected from UVA/UVB rays.

·       Band-aids to protect cuts and scrapes from dirt and debris.

·       Baking soda to remove insect stingers and reduce swelling.

·       Saline to rinse your sinuses and prevent allergies.

·       Ibuprofen for inflammation or to help with swelling.

·       Acetaminophen for all the obvious reasons.

·       Ginger root for nausea or an upset stomach.


So there you have it—an easy, effective list of home items for any beauty blunders or health issues! Happy Traveling!