Dr. Taz MD’s Guide to Living Healthy, Naturally Newsletter Issue Twelve

Cheaper than Chemo Tip: Allergies

Eating organic food, using supplements and in-depth testing can seem costly, however, many people find they save money by healing the body rather than treating symptoms. In this column, I take common medical issues, show different approaches and the cost of each. Take a look at the difference in cost and you’ll find that living healthy, naturally can add up to big healthcare savings for you and your family in the long run.
TIP: Sneezing, coughing, headaches, itchy eyes and sore throats can all be miserable symptoms of allergies. I encourage all of my patients to prepare for allergies by focusing on their gut health and using an herbal approach to combat reactions to seasonal pollen. 

Integrative Approach 

Probiotics $30

DHist  $20  

Magnolia Clear  $24

Conventional Medicine 
Prescription nasal spray  $50 (cash price) 
OTC Allergy Medication – Loratadine  $20 
Allergy shots, up to $125 (insurance may or may not cover)

*costs are merely monthly estimates and column information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition

Beauty Buzz
DIY Exfoliant for your Face

309Spring is almost here and it’s time to shed that layer of dead dry skin cells from winter’s cold days and brighten your face. Instead of using an exfoliant with harsh toxins, try making this one by green skincare expert, Sophie Uliano.

1/2 fresh pineapple, juiced
1 fresh papaya, peeled, 
de-seeded and juiced 

Simply pour the juice into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. When ready to use, cover yourself with a towel and rub a cube over your face. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse off. Moisturize as usual.  Use peel weekly for 2 months. 

Ask Dr. Taz MD

_DSC8577 2Q: I have just survived a case of the shingles. Yikes. From what I have heard my case was fairly light. Nevertheless, very uncomfortable. What supplements or steps should I take to insure a stronger immune system. Or is there anything I can do to achieve better balance in my body?

A: Shingles outbreaks are signs of a weakened immune system. It is very uncomfortable. I usually recommend boosting the immune system by taking the amino acid lysine, 1-gram 3x’s per day. Using astragalus, a well-known Chinese herb, acts as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and an immune booster. High dose vitamin C is also helpful (3-5 grams per day). For severe cases, I also recommend IV vitamin C infusions. 

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Living Healthy Tip
Prep for Allergy Season with Pineapple 

One way to prevent allergies this spring is to load up on foods rich in bromelain. This enzyme can be found in the deliciously sweet pineapple. According to the Univ. of Maryland Medical Center, bromelain may help to reduce cough and nasal mucus when associated with sinus conditions. It also may be an effective way of reducing inflammation and swelling due to hay fever. For more than ten years, Dr. Taz MD has recommended that her patients incorporate pineapple into their diets, as a natural antihistamine, before and during seasons with soaring pollen counts. 

“I like to juice a glass full of greens, pineapple and honey to ensure I’m giving my immune system exactly what it needs to keep allergies at bay,” says Dr. Taz MD.  

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Eating Disorders
Dr. Taz MD: How to Support

Weight IconI think the best way to support someone with an eating disorder is to focus on their mental health and teach them to shift away from focusing on food as an outlet. Dealing with the emotional root first, then rebuilding gut function slowly, replacing key minerals are first steps. Once this is done, then a nutritionist or a meal plan will be more successful. While counseling can be helpful, I find that acupuncture, Cognitive behavioral therapy or craniosacral therapy are better at dealing with the emotional root of this unfortunate disease. Many people suffering from an eating disorder have also been subject to some form of trauma; whether it is divorce between their parents, death of a loved one or a highly stressed environment or a history of abuse- either physical or sexual, which indirectly teaches and imprints a self-loathing of the body.

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Stress Warning Signs
What are Yours?

Pensive businessman on a meeting.Here are just a few common warning signs of stress. . . 

  • Using alcohol, drugs or cigarettes to relax 
  • Worrying, inability to focus and heart palpitations 
  • Overeating, skipping meals or no appetite 
  •  Tension headaches  
  •  Constipation or diarrhea
  •  Restless or inability to sleep soundly  

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Goal of Dr. Taz MD’s Living Healthy, Naturally

The goal of this guide is to inform you about current and topical health issues. To ensure that you have the best available information, our research team at our Atlanta Center of Holistic and Integrative Medicine is aboard to help vet our material from a broad group of established and reliable sources. If you like what you’re reading, I encourage you to send this newsletter to a friend or family member so they too can enjoy
living healthy, naturally.

With gratitude, 
Dr. Taz Bhatia MD