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Expanding Your Options: Ear Infections

file9991303336088Eating organic food, using supplements and in-depth testing can seem costly. However, many people find it’s worth it to heal the body rather than treating or masking the symptoms. Over the years, I have found that treating the symptoms typically leads to additional conditions or the need for increased medication. In this column, I take common medical issues, show different approaches and offer an natural alternative to conventional treatment. I like to think of it as Expanding Your Options!

TIP:  Most of the time, ear infections (especially in children) resolve on their own. I often tell my pediatric patients that breast feeding their infants can provide a lot of protection against recurrent ear infections and some reports even tout that breast milk, when applied topically, can be helpful.

Several tips that I provide to those who suffer from ear infections are utilizing garlic oil and gentian violet drops in the ear and steaming with eucalyptus and rosemary oil (diluted in a carrier oil) and rubbed on the chest. Steaming with oil or even in a bathroom with a hot shower running can help relieve congestion and prevent the infection from worsening.

*This column information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Prices are approximate and taken from online industry averages.

Beauty Buzz

Cleaning Your Skin. . .with Oil?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople with all different skin types are getting amazing results from cleansing the skin with an inexpensive pantry staple … oil! Oil draws dirt & oil from the pores while retaining moisture and keeping the skin’s pH levels balanced.

I recommend using olive, jojoba or argan oil. For a deeper clean, mix it with some castor oil. The blend should include 25% castor oil for sensitive or dry skin and up to 50% for more oily skin types.

1. Place a quarter-sized amount of oil into your dry palm. Before you’ve wet your face, gently and thoroughly massage it into your skin. This might feel a little strange the first couple of times.

2. Wet a soft washcloth (a baby washcloth works well) with very hot water. Lean your head back a little and drape the cloth over your face. Breathe deep as the steam opens up your pores. Repeat.

3. Gently remove the oil with the washcloth. If you are prone to dry skin, you may want to rub a few drops of oil into your skin as a moisturizer. Argan oil works really well for this.

You can use the oil cleansing method daily, or occasionally as a deeply refreshing home facial.

Ask Dr. Taz MD
Dear Dr. Taz,
My main concern is controlling my high blood pressure. The problem being is that I cannot seem to tolerate the various types of medicines. They all have terrible side effects such as dizziness, weakness, feeling light headed, muscle aches and nervousness. This all affects my quality of life. I don’t feel comfortable driving and I’m tired after taking some of them. I have tried at least a dozen and the doctors are giving up and may be referring to specialist soon. I am now tolerating atenolol but it’s not pulling my pressure down enough. I need to get things under control before it affects my kidneys as well.

High blood pressure is definitely a condition to monitor and take seriously. I like to treat with magnesium – 400MG at night and then phasing in an Ayurvedic Herb called Mukta Vati (400MG). I also recommend to my patients to keep the salt intake low or drastically reduce and monitor it. It’s very important to also increase plant based fiber to at least 40 grams per day – ideally 40% raw. And remember, it’s important to stay in tune with how you’re feeling and continue to keep a close eye on your levels.

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Living Healthy Tip

Reduce your Cancer Risk

file2321336545601Unfortunately, everyone knows someone who either has cancer or whose family has been forever affected by it. My hope as a physician is to educate as many people as possible with prevention tips, and to provide the best level of care and treatment to those who are fighting the disease.

Everyday I speak with patients about toxicity and the importance of reducing one’s toxic load. A great way to find out your toxic load is to take my quick quiz here.

There are many ways to help reduce your toxic load, which in turn reduces your risk for certain types of cancer. This issue’s Living Healthy tip focuses on water. Remember, it’s often the simple changes we implement that help make the difference in our health journey over the long haul!

Drinking Water – Use glass bottles like Mountain Valley Spring Water, San Pellegrino, or other pure-in-glass mineral waters. If possible, purchase a high quality water filtration system where the water is purified by means of reverse osmosis. The need for clean, clear, chemically free water is extremely important. Most individuals are dehydrated, which blocks the body’s ability to excrete toxins.

Bath and shower water – If your water supply is municipal (vs. well water), it means the water coming into your house is chemically treated with chlorine and fluoride. Additionally, pure water laws only include eliminating bacteria. We are now finding heavy metals, pesticides, and pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply. Purchase a shower filter to eliminate these toxic elements.

5 Ways To help Your Kids Sleep On Vacation

my_photography_199Vacation can be a wonderful time to restore ourselves and to fully delight in our family, the beauty of nature and plenty of good food. But what happens when the kids are jumping on the hotel bed more than they are sleeping in it. And when they hit a wall mid-week because they’ve lost two hours of sleep each night?

Once I had children, I realized that continued vacation bliss was going to depend on them getting their required zzz’s. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to help make this happen and today I’m sharing my favorite tips with you!

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Tart cherry juice The melatonin in tart cherry juice can help regulate your child’s internal clock when it is thrown off schedule. This study from the European Journal of Nutrition showed that drinking tart cherry juice significantly increased length and efficiency of sleep! Tart cherry (also known as Montmorency cherry) is found in the natural juice section of many grocery chains. Around dinner time, give your child a small glass diluted with a bit of water.

2. Tryptophan-rich foods at dinner time

Tryptophan is a biochemical precursor to serotonin, which helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Slip some into your child’s evening meal. Here’s a list of healthy sources:

  • shrimp 
  • salmon & light tuna 
  • poultry, especially turkey 
  • beans 
  • kefir 
  • pumpkin & sunflower seeds 
  • almonds, walnuts, cashews & peanuts 

3. A foot rub with magnesium oil at bedtime

Magnesium reduces the stress of travel and helps children fall asleep peacefully. I love to massage a little magnesium oil into my children’s feet at night. It’s a calming bedtime ritual that we all look forward to. Some kids will notice a tingling/burning sensation from the oil, which may be due to skin sensitivity or magnesium deficiency. If this happens, you can dilute the oil with water. Then, after applying and letting it sit for 10-20 minutes, remove it with a wet wash cloth. Or try this magnesium lotion, which is not as concentrated as the oil.

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