DIY: Shirodhara Ayurveda

An Ayuryvedic practice performed in India for over 5,000 years, Shirodhara is best know for healing the mind by rejuvenating the spirit and achieving emotional balance. The word shirodhara breaks down into two essential concepts: “shiro,” meaning head, and “dhara,” which means flow. The technique? Pouring heated oil over the forehead for an extended period of time, accessing the “third eye” to calm your inner nerves. The “third eye” point in ayruveda is specifically treated to help reduce anxiety and calm the nerves. Located just between the eyebrows at the center point of the forehead, applying pressure to this region is beneficial in healing nervousness, easing anxiety, and promoting overall tranquility and vitality.

Use this DIY version at home to restore your mind and reduce stress:

  1. Figure out which oil you are going to use: sesame oil is great for nourishment (and can be used to calm the Vata and ease the mind), while coconut oil is great for thinning hair, breakage and sensitive scalps.
  2. Lie down in a comfortable environment. Play soothing music if you have any— or log into your Pandora and make your own meditation playlist!
  3. You or someone at home can pour the heated oil mix on the center of your forehead, a marma point known as the third eye.
  4. You can also fold a cloth and soak in the warm oil for 2-3 minutes. Lie down and press it firmly on that same marma point, resting for 15 minutes.

When done regularly, Shirodhara promotes better sleep, enhances blood circulation, nourishes the hair and scalp (beauty bonus!), and calms the mind and body.