National Alzheimer’s Month: New Ways to Prevent & Detect

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and while the disease is complex and delicate in terms of treatment and finding a possible cure, we are discovering more about the nature of this illness almost everyday. From prevention to earlier detection, Alzheimer’s has not gone unnoticed, and the journey towards reducing one’s risk is becoming a [...]

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Real Breast Cancer Prevention: Moving Beyond Mammograms

I have long argued that breast cancer prevention should begin way before the routine mammogram, although I am excited that an individualized approach is now recommended. Far before the baseline mammogram, women should be thinking about breast cancer prevention by understanding the role of food, digestion, and toxins in the delicate balance of female hormones. [...]

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New Mammogram Guideline: A Glimpse at the Future of Personalized Medicine

Recently, the American Cancer Society has updated their recommended guidelines for breast cancer screenings, delaying the recommended age when most women should start receiving annual mammograms from 40 to 45. I share some of my thoughts with The Huffington Post on where we are with breast cancer today, and what the future may hold. [continue [...]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Letter to My Patients

It has been a sobering journey. With the privilege of watching many of you on your different paths through breast cancer, the reality that we have not really hit the mark on all that it takes to prevent and truly understand the dynamics of cancer continues to echo. I have listened as friends and partners [...]

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Eating for Estrogen Levels and Breast Cancer Prevention

Many of us overlook the power of food and its connection to our hormone levels. Your thyroid, Estrogen, and Insulin levels all play an important role in Breast Cancer prevention. With October here and Breast Cancer Awareness on our minds, eat up on these key hormone-balancing vegetables to help prevent: […]

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