An Unconventional Letter to Dads {for moms to read too}

While Father's Day sentiments still linger, and it may seem like just another commercial holiday, I think it is an amazing opportunity to acknowledge what often is not discussed:  the importance of dads in our lives and the impression and the imprint they leave on us forever. I have not, admittedly yet unintentionally, been the [...]

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Tips for Men’s Health

As we get ready to celebrate the men in our respective worlds who are fathers, I find myself reminding patients, friends and family members of the important role diet plays within a man’s life—anyone’s life, really! So regardless if the men in your life are fathers or not, encourage them to load up on lean [...]

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8 Tips for Keeping the Man in your Life Healthy + Top Supplements for Men!

A question I get often from my female patients – a million dollar question – is what can I do to help keep my man healthy?While I do not know the guy in your life, I have seen many male patients over the years and I also happen to be married to one. I’ll tell [...]

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Who’s Your Daddy? Your Father’s Health-This Father’s Day

Men.  I have to be honest-I am a total girl’s girl, grew up with sisters and never got into the male pursuits of sports, cars and the rest.  I remember feeling intimidated on my surgery rotation seeing all the men that surrounded me and not really sure of how to act or what to say [...]

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