Bug-Free Summer + DIY Bug Spray Recipe

Here in Atlanta, we have a lot of bugs that come out in the summer because it is so humid. No matter where you live, though, there are ways to have a bug-free summer by repelling bugs naturally. Unfortunately, many of the sprays that are on the market are loaded with chemicals that I do not want on my family’s skin including deet and permethrin, both of which can have side effects. You especially want to avoid these if you are looking to conceive, are pregnant, breastfeeding or are struggling with hormone balance. Young children should avoid these chemicals too.

Here are my top tips for repelling bugs naturally:

  • Look for newer formulations that contain picaridin or lemon eucalyptus oil. They appear to be effective in lasting up to 7 hours and don’t come with side effects.
  • Wear long sleeves that are cotton, light in color, and looser fit.
  • Avoid wearing fragrant perfumes and shampoos as they both tend to attract mosquitos. Sweat and type O blood also attract mosquitos.
  • Interestingly enough, garlic can help repel them. So add a few extra cloves in your recipe or take a garlic capsule in the morning or night before you know you’ll be outside.

DIY Bug Spray Recipe


¼ cup apple cider vinegar or witch hazel

¼ cup distilled water

40 drops lemon eucalyptus oil


Mix the apple cider vinegar or witch hazel with the oil in a 6 oz. glass spray bottle. Then add the distilled water. Shake well each time before use. Make sure you clearly label it and keep out of the reach of children.

Do not spray it directly on the face or on young children’s skin. Instead, spray it on your child’s clothes and hat.

Now go enjoy the outdoors and have a natural bug-free summer!