Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Letter to My Patients

It has been a sobering journey. With the privilege of watching many of you on your different paths through breast cancer, the reality that we have not really hit the mark on all that it takes to prevent and truly understand the dynamics of cancer continues to echo. I have listened as friends and partners have worried about you, you have expressed concern about your children or grandchildren or spouses, and you are confused by the options.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but what I do understand from working with all of you is that breast cancer is not a sudden, unexpected occurrence. It has its roots early, and the right scenario will finally allow the disease to express itself. Yes, we need research; yes, we need more information; but I know there are patterns that have led each of you down this road and on this journey.


During this month of Breast Cancer Awareness, pink, awareness walks and advocacy surround us—take a moment to own your health, learn the patterns, and evaluate your life. Inflammation, hormone failure, poor gut health, stress and unrelenting sadness from a recent trauma are all hallmarks of a perfect cancer climate. If the pink this month is blinding you, let it serve as a reminder to be conscious of your health—and thank you for letting me into this private journey with you.