2015 Journey to Whole Health

3 Steps to Lasting New Year’s Resolutions. 

It’s that time again — time to reflect, refresh and redirect ourselves as we look at the approaching horizon of a new year. I love the week before New Year’s Day because I take time every year to analyze the year that has passed — and make plans for the year to come! The journey to whole health is a part of that planning as we all continue to navigate the changing landscape of trying to be “healthy.” Here are my strategies for making lasting New Year’s resolutions to change your whole health.

Step 1 — Resolve to change your mind.

It is so easy to start the new year with a goal of losing weight or eating better. While these are great New Year’s resolutions, they are often too vague and not sustainable. Instead, resolve to change your mind, find mental peace, or figure out your triggers for unhealthy behaviors. This is my most important resolution this coming year. Here are ways to find mental stamina or endurance, building one of the most important healthy values — resilience.

Journaling — taking 5-10 minutes to journal every day, often before the noise and clutter of a day begins or as a day closes offers an opportunity for reflection. One of my favorite books, The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron, talks about “morning pages” as a part of the creative process. I have found that even doing just a few minutes daily can help clear your mind and make any goal more clear and easier to follow.

Meditation — The benefits of meditation have been talked about for centuries, but now science is proving the wisdom of our ancestors. Even five minutes of daily meditation can help ease anxiety, depression and calm the nervous system — allowing us to control the desire for salt, sugar or fat. (1)

Yoga — We know about the health benefits of yoga, but yoga can help you or your child change their minds. The discipline and concentration of each yoga pose, regardless of ease or difficulty, forces us to learn focus, attention and control. Try adding in 30 minutes three times per week to help gain better mental control. (2)

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