Supplement Warning: Are You Getting the Right Vitamin D?

Supplement Warning: Are You Getting the Right Vitamin D? We’ve long known the benefits of vitamin D and the importance of having your daily dose. Your body requires it to properly absorb and metabolize calcium and phosphorus, two of the most abundant minerals in your body. Vitamin D also helps regulate your immune system, manages [...]

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7 Reasons Eggs are Awesome

Sure, eggs look prettier painted pink or yellow with adorable little flower drawings, dots and swirls in celebration of Easter, but they’re pretty awesome for some other reasons too. My favorite reason? They’re total nutrition powerhouses—both their yellow and white parts! So after the egg hunts are over, enjoy a hearty, egg-rich meal for these [...]

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Dr. Taz MD, Solutions for Living Healthy Naturally: Vitamins for Kids

In my practice, nutritional deficiencies factor strongly in treatment plans. When it comes to children, the first line of defense against vitamin deficiencies is a well-rounded diet of whole foods. I know, all the mothers of picky-eaters are rolling their eyes right now, but it takes more than just distaste for veggies to cause a problem.Vitamin supplementation is necessary [...]

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