The Big Signs Of Thyroid Disorder (and Why It Matters)

After 8 years of meeting and treating more than 10,000 women in my integrative medicine practice, I’ve noticed that every woman’s thyroid story is completely her own. My job is to learn about your health, your body and your thyroid to analyze what might be plaguing you. I can speak from my own experience with [...]

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Dr. Taz MD, Solutions for Living Healthy, Naturally: Thyroid Health and the OAT axis

4.6% of Americans over the age of 12 have hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can be caused by a number of factors such as Hashimoto’s disease, some medications, radiation, or a congenital disorder [1]. Hypothyroidism is usually treated with a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone T4 and many patients respond well to this treatment. However, a small [...]

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